Twins Prospect Interview: Alex Burnett

Since joining the Twins organization, Alex Burnett has been one of the top right-handers in the system. Burnett recently sat down with to discuss his arsenal, what he considers his outpitch, his goals, what it is like being so young at such a high level, and much more: does your arsenal consist of?

Alex Burnett: Fastball/Sinker, Curveball, Change-Up. would you consider your outpitch?

Alex Burnett: Curveball. are only 20 years old and already in Fort Myers. Are you happy with your development so far?

Alex Burnett: Yes. I'm definitely happy with my development so far, and I'm just happy to have been given an opportunity to show what I can do, and glad that the Twins have faith in moving me up and pitching at high levels at my age. were a staff ace for the Snappers last season. Was that challenging for you?

Alex Burnett: No, it wasn't really challenging. I just knew I had to bare down and step up and do the best I could do for the team. are an innings eater. Do you feel that is a key attribute for you?

Alex Burnett: Yeah, I'm sure that's one thing that people see in me, is that I pitch a lot of innings and I've stayed healthy through out it all, thank God. are off to a fast start for the Miracle. Do you feel you could handle a promotion to Double-A if it came?

Alex Burnett: Yes, I'm very happy with my start this season, and I'm working really hard trying to earn a promotion to Double-A, and I believe that I would be ready for the promotion, since I have already learned a lot of new things on how to become a better pitcher, compliments of my pitching coach Rasmussen. do you do to prepare for each start?

Alex Burnett: Well, we get four days to think about our last start, and each start I feel like I learn something new. So I just work on things I need to improve on in the bullpen, run a lot and sleep a lot. I really believe sleep is key to getting ready for my next start. (Burnett laughs) are your goals for the rest of the 2008 season?

Alex Burnett: My goals for the rest of 2008 would probably be first off getting promoted, keeping my era around or below a 3.00, hopefully making playoffs here pretty soon, and helping my team get a ring!!

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