Twins Prospect Interview: Steven Singleton

Steven Singleton got off to a hot start for the Beloit Snappers, and recently was promoted to High-A Fort Myers. One of the better hitting infielders in the Twins organization, Singleton recently sat down with for an interview. You have long been a fan favorite at, and were recently named one of our top prospects. What do those types of honors mean to you?

Steven Singleton: It's always nice to be recognized for what you do on the field. We work really hard to be the best we can be so it is a good feeling when you see that hard work getting noticed. You are a tremendous hitter. Is that something you feel you can bring to the table at any level?

Steven Singleton: I feel that my bat is a part of my game that will always play, no matter what level I'm at. Hitting is something that has always come naturally to me and I've worked very hard on it. I take a lot of pride in my bat and feel that if I keep working it will only improve. Do you feel playing collegiate baseball helped you have such a good professional career so far?

Steven Singleton: I definitely think that going to college was very helpful in my success thus far in my career. I had a lot of talent coming out of high school but needed to work on a lot of things. I put on weight and strength in the time I was there. But I really improved my mental game and approach at the plate. My coach really emphasized being mentally tough and competitive on the diamond. That's stuck with me and made me a much better player. You were hitting .300 at the time of your promotion to Fort Myers. Do you feel you can hit .300 at any level?

Steven Singleton: I do feel that I can hit over .300 for the year. I started really hot, then cooled off a little bit. During that time I've been through a couple slumps and worked hard with my hitting coach, Rudy Hernandez, to make the adjustments necessary to keep those slumps short. When I stay inside myself and keep my approach, I know that I will get my hits. Do you feel you would be ready for a promotion to Fort Myers? (Singleton was promoted to Fort Myers shortly after our interview)

Steven Singleton: I think that I am ready for a promotion if that's in the cards. I worked out with the Miracle for all of spring training and played well enough to make that team. There just aren't enough spots for everyone. A lot of the players in that league are guys that I played against in Beloit last season and played equally as well as or better than. That said, I feel that I will be comfortable there and I will continue to play well. The Twins have a need for infielders. Do you feel this is the right organization for you?

Steven Singleton: I really like this organization. I do feel that it is a good organization for me to be a part of. With the need for infielders, it makes this situation a really good fit. I hope I can continue to play well and when the time comes I know I'll be ready for a call up. You led the team in triples in 2006. When a ball is headed for the gap, are you thinking three right away?

Steven Singleton: I haven't had as many balls in the gap as I would like this year, but yes I do think three. Once I see the outfielders' backs turn I'm thinking three right away. I'm not Ben Revere or Joe Benson with the speed, but I like to put the pressure on the outfielders to get to the ball quick and make a good throw. It's easier to score from third than second so it also helps the team. would you consider your best attribute?

Steven Singleton: I think that my competitive nature is my best attribute on the field. I think that it helps me focus and play my best. It also helps the team because I don't want to lose, and that type of attitude is contagious on a team. What are your goals for the 2008 season?

Steven Singleton: I want to finish '08 strong, just like I've started. Statistic goals aren't necessarily what I'm looking for. I want to hit over .330, but more importantly I want to improve on my approach at the plate and draw more walks. Defensively, I want to keep working on my arm strength and get back to being able to play on the left side of the diamond. I want to finish the season at least a level higher than where I started. If I can do these things it shows me that I am improving as a player and moving in the right direction through the organization. would like to congratulate Steven on a promotion well deserved, and wish him luck in High-A.

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