MLB Power Rankings- April 18, 2010

It has been an exciting start to the 2010 baseball season, and ranks the teams 1-30 in the early going. Some teams have performed as you would expect, while there have been some big surprises. Take a look at the first rankings of the season.

All information as of April 17, 2010

1. New York Yankees
The Yankees have gotten off to a hot start, taking their first four series for the first time since 1927. All of that without Teixeira or A-Rod showing any power.

2. Minnesota Twins
No bias here, as the Twins are legitimately a World Series contender in 2010. The have a great blend of power and speed up and down the lineup, and their rotation has been better than advertised.

3. Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies have the best arm in the National League to go along with the best lineup, and they have played great in the early going. Cole Hamels has two wins, though has not pitched great.

4. San Francisco Giants
With their rotation, the Giants should be the favorite to win in the very tight National League West. Lincecum proved he can do it with the bat and the arm on Saturday.

5. Tampa Bay Rays
The Rays have a nice young lineup, but there are questions as to whether they will be kept together. Matt Garza will go for his third win of the young season on Sunday.

6. St. Louis Cardinals
Albert Pujols is on a torrid pace to start the season, and will benefit from a full season with Matt Holliday. Adam Wainwright has picked up right where he left off in 2009.

7. Toronto Blue Jays
The surprise of the American League East to start the season, the Jays have gotten some great pitching, even with the loss of Halladay. Vernon Wells looks to be in his best form in years.

8. Florida Marlins
The Marlins have an exciting team, and will be the one to challenge the Phillies in the National League East. Hanley Ramirez is an MVP in waiting.

9. Colorado Rockies
The Rockies the favorite by many to win the National League West, and really mashing the ball in 2010. Ubaldo Jimenez pitched the first no-hitter in team history on Saturday.

10. Detroit Tigers
The Tigers are playing well in the early going, despite the struggles of staff ace Justin Verlander. Austin Jackson has been a great replacement for the traded Curtis Granderson.

11. Atlanta Braves
The Braves have the best rookie in the league, but they have been shaky in 2010. Some games they look great, other games they cant hit, and they will need to be more consistent if they want to challenge in the NL East.

12. Oakland Athletics
The A's locked up 21-year old ace Brett Anderson on Saturday, and will try to lock up Andrew Bailey and Kurt Suzuki this season. Ryan Sweeney looks good in the middle of that lineup.

13. Arizona Diamondbacks
The D-Backs are trying to piece together their rotation until Brandon Webb gets back, and will look to Ian Kennedy on Sunday. Kennedy looked great in his first start, but was blasted his last time out.

14. Pittsburgh Pirates
A great surprise to the 2010 season, the Pirates have a nice young lineup, and slugger Garrett Jones already has ten runs batted in. Iwamura has been a good table-setter at the top of that lineup.

15. Seattle Mariners
As they still wait for Cliff Lee, the Mariners have stuck around .500 through the first 12 games of the season. Ichiro has proven that he is still the man.

16. Chicago Cubs
The Cubbies need Aramis Ramirez's bat to wake up, as Soriano, Lee, and Fukudome have hit well early. Carlos Silva has looked very good in his first two starts of 2010.

17. Boston Red Sox
The Sox have gotten off to a slow start to 2010, but will turn it around. Dice-K has looked great in the Minor Leagues, and will likely be recalled very soon.

18. Cleveland Indians
The Indians wanted to build their lineup around Shin-Soo Choo, and it is looking like a great idea. Justin Masterson has been a strikeout machine, and Fausto Carmona has also pitched well.

19. Texas Rangers
The Rangers have one of the best lineups in baseball, but need to be more patient. Josh Hamilton has yet to hit a home run in 2010.

20. Washington Nationals
The Nationals have not been terrible in 2010, and are awaiting the arrival of future ace Steven Strasburg. He has been lights out in the Minors, and could be in Washington very soon.

21. San Diego Padres
Chase Headley can flat out rake, and he is only going to get better. They need to get the ball in Heath Bell's hand more often.

22. Cincinnati Reds
Scott Rolen seems to have found his power stroke, though his batting average is very low for his standards. Mike Leake did not look overmatched in his Major League debut, which is a great sign.

23. Los Angeles Dodgers
Maybe the biggest underachievers in the early season, the Dodgers need to make a move in the NL West. Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier are two of the better young outfielders I have seen in a long time.

24. Los Angeles Angels
They completely revamped their team, and need some time to gel. Jared Weaver has shown why he is the staff ace, and Hideki Matsui has been a fan favorite.

25. Kansas City Royals
The Royals are already digging themselves a hole in the AL Central, though they will get Alex Gordon back starting on Sunday. Their lineup has looked very well though, Podsednik, Guillen, Kendall, and Ankiel are all hitting.

26. Milwaukee Brewers
Weeks and Braun are hitting in the early going, and Casey McGehee is one of the better young third baseman in the game. They need to get some better efforts from their starters.

27. Chicago White Sox
There always seems to be turmoil in Chicago, and it is usually started by the Manager. The team has to be happy with what they are getting from Andruw Jones, but no regular position player is batting over .300.

28. New York Mets
The Mets have been a joke in 2010, and people are already calling for Jerry Manuel's job. David Wright seems to have regained his power stroke, and Jeff Francoeur has looked good, but the team just looks lost.

29. Houston Astros
Roy Oswalt is back to his Cy Young form, but the team has not followed his lead. The team has hit only three home runs all season long.

30. Baltimore Orioles
No-one expected the Orioles to challenge in the AL East this season, but no-one saw this coming. The Orioles have won only one game to start the season, and have already been riddled by injuries.

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