MLB Power Rankings- April 25, 2010

It has been an exciting start to the 2010 baseball season, and ranks the teams 1-30 in the early going. Some teams have performed as you would expect, while there have been some big surprises. Take a look at the second rankings of the season.

1. Tampa Bay Rays
The Rays take the top spot this week, after running out to a first place lead in the tough American League East. Locking up Ben Zobrist was a great move, and Evan Longoria should challenge for the MVP this season.

2. New York Yankees
When is Mark Teixeira going to start hitting? The Yankees have gotten by without Big Tex's bat, but they will need him if they are going to repeat.

3. Minnesota Twins
Once a feel good story, the Twins are now legitimate World Series contenders, and have emerged as the class of the American League Central. Jim Thome still has some pop left in that bat of his.

4. Philadelphia Phillies
Placido Polanco has been a great addition to the reigning National League Champions, and has been clutch in the number two spot in the lineup. Jason Werth has the potential to be a big-time superstar in this league.

5. San Diego Padres
Chase Headley has proven to be good protection for Adrian Gonzalez, who has hit his home run stride. The Padres could be a dark horse in the National League West.

6. St. Louis Cardinals
Adam Wainwright looks like he will vie for the Cy Young again in 2010, and Matt Holliday is batting over .300 on the young season. Albert Pujols needs to get hot again.

7. San Francisco Giants
This is exactly what the Giants envisioned when they sign Barry Zito a couple years back. The lefty looks like an ace again, which is great for a team who already has one.

8. Florida Marlins
I love what Cameron Maybin brings to the leadoff spot, and Dan Uggla just mashes the ball. Ricky Nolasco is one of the better young pitchers in the National League.

9. Detroit Tigers
The Tigers have one of the more potent offenses in the league, as their 1,2,3 and 4 hitters are all batting above .300. Johnny Damon looks like a great fit for them, and Austin Jackson does not seem overmatched at all.

10. Oakland Athletics
I guess it is safe to say Dallas Braden hates A-Rod, and A-Rod could care less. The Athletics have been a good surprise in the early season, and may be the best team in the American League West.

11. Toronto Blue Jays
Alex Gonzalez is putting together a nice season, and it was good to see Aaron Hill get back healthy. Vernon Wells is having a better season than he has had in a while, but the bullpen seems a bit shaky.

12. Colorado Rockies
The Rockies too a devastating blow this past week, as they lost their President, Keli McGregor, tragically. They will honor him the rest of the season, which should be a good one. Ubaldo Jimenez is a classic ace.

13. Seattle Mariners
The Mariners are still waiting for Chone Figgins to get hot, as he would solidify the top of their lineup. Franklin Gutierrez is having a fine season, and Ichiro has been Ichiro. Doug Fister looks to be a pretty decent starter.

14. Milwaukee Brewers
The Brew Crew have two of the best young sluggers in baseball, although they are having opposite seasons. While Ryan Braun continues to mash, Prince Fielder seems to have lost his power stroke. Thankfully, Casey McGehee and Jim Edmonds are picking up the slack.

15. Los Angeles Dodgers
The Dodgers lost Manny to the Disabled List, but it should not be too serious. Russell Martin looks to have found his stroke, and Rafael Furcal has been the ultimate table-setter. I love watching Clayton Kershaw pitch.

16. Los Angeles Angels
Hideki Matsui is having a good first month with the Angels, and does not look like a run-down player. Kendry Morales is a Most Valuable Player waiting to happen.

17. New York Mets
It is amazing what one player can do for a team, as Ike Davis has put a jolt into the Mets franchise. Once Beltran gets back, the Mets could be a team to be reckoned with once again.

18. Cleveland Indians
While all of America jumps on the Choo Choo train, the Indians have been playing steady baseball in 2010. Fausto Carmona looks good again, and Asdrubal Cabrera has become a very good shortstop.

19. Chicago Cubs
The Cubbies moved Big Z to the bullpen, and he paid instant dividends, playing a huge role in Ted Lilly's first start of the season. Alfonso Soriano has look more patient at the plate, and Marlon Byrd is relishing life in the Windy City.

20. Washington Nationals
The Nationals continue to win games, and they have been doing it without much star power. Ivan Rodriguez has looked good off the bench, and Morgan has been solid in the leadoff spot.

21. Boston Red Sox
What is going on with John Lackey? He has struggled in his first season with the Red Sox, and they need him to get back on track. David Ortiz may really be done this time.

22. Atlanta Braves
The J Hey Kid is starting to slump a bit, but that is going to happen. Martin Prado already has seven doubles this season, and is batting over .400. Jair Jurrjens needs to get back on track.

23. Texas Rangers
The Rangers should get Kinsler back next week, which should jumpstart their lineup. Elvis Andrus has been pretty productive since moving to the leadoff spot.

24. Chicago White Sox
If Andruw Jones continues to mash the ball, then he and Paul Konerko could be one of the better 1-2 combos in the American League. The Sox already have some ground to make up in the American League Central.

25. Houston Astros
The Astros have been making a move since starting the season so slowly, and are now in the middle of the pack in the NL Central. Michael Bourn is one of the better young leadoff hitters in the game.

26. Arizona Diamondbacks
I really like Kelly Johnson in the leadoff spot, and he has done a nice job in 2010. There just has not been much production up and down the lineup, aside from some good games from Stephen Drew.

27. Pittsburgh Pirates
The Pirates got blasted 20-0 by the Brewers this past week, looking more like the inept franchise they have been the past decade. They scored only six runs all week.

28. Cincinnati Reds
The Reds are in desperate need of Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips to start hitting, or else they are going to dig a ditch they cannot get out of. Joey Votto has held the offense together.

29. Kansas City Royals
Luke Hochevar is starting to pitch like a first overall selection, and the lineup has been great at times. The problem has been consistency, which has caused the Royals to win only six of their first 17 games.

30. Baltimore Orioles
The Orioles are already out of the American League East race, and it is only April. I wonder how long Matt Wieters will be able to stomach playing for this team, which has gotten nothing from the rest of their lineup.

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