Snowstorm Expected, Game Postponed

Bartolo Colon</A> is going to have to wait at least another day to pitch against his former team on their opening day.

The game scheduled for Monday, April 7 against the Cleveland Indians has been postponed to Tuesday, April 8 as a result of a snowstorm expected to hit the Midwest region.

When Indians executives heard of the anticipated 1-3 inches of snow, they quickly moved the game up to Tuesday, a day that both teams were scheduled to be off.

Whichever day the game is played on, it appears that Colon is ready to face his former team.

"At first it will seem odd and I will be a little nervous since I have played in the Cleveland system for 10 years,'' said Colon, who played his first five seasons in Cleveland before being traded to Montreal half-way through the 2002 season. ``But once the game starts, I will be OK. I am wearing a new uniform now"

2:05 PM CST will be the time for first pitch. Cleveland's Tuesday forecast calls for temperatures in the 30's.

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