Reports: Sox Close to Trade for Everett

(SN Report #547) - Less than 12 hours after acquiring second baseman Roberto Alomar, the White Sox are now close on a deal with the Texas Rangers' that would land them outfielder Carl Everett.

According to reports, the White Sox will be giving up three minor leaguers that the Rangers will pick from a pool of players. The names are unknown of this point, but rumors have two being pitchers with one, who may be a pitcher, coming from Charlotte. The other two will be picked from the lower levels, ending the rumor of lefty Neal Cotts being a part of the deal.

Everett, 32, is batting .274 with 18 homers and 51 RBIs in 74 games this season. He has split time between all outfield positions.

With the Everett and Roberto Alomar trade of earlier, the White Sox have designated for assignment both Armando Rios and D'Angelo Jimenez, which could lead to their departure from the organization.

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