July 2nd Content Index

Kiley shares a landing page for all of his July 2nd links and lists all the players he's written about.

This is an index page for all the July 2nd coverage I've posted, with links to the articles (and to last year's full coverage) below and then all the players I've mentioned below that. If you're new to the market, see my story about the Yankees international plans, which includes a detailed primer on the market, and also see the primers included at the 2013 content link.

For an introduction of our coverage spanning from July 2nd to the draft to the minors to the majors, see the Rankings Index. For up to date information on players from all these markets, follow me on Twitter.

The above video has a quick breakdown of the rules of the market (with more details at the links below) along with video and a quick report on three of the top players (full text here). To see full reports and video on nearly all the players listed below, consider becoming a subscriber.

For the latest on the market see this free article breaking down the Yankees' strategy, top players in the market and numerous rumored done deal.

Dominican Dispatches (January 2014)

DR Day One Notebook

DR Day Two Notebook

Dermis Garcia Scouting Report

Top Hitter Scouting Reports

Top Pitcher Scouting Reports

More Hitters To Watch

How To Scout July 2nd Hitters

Trip Wrap-Up Notebook (With Rumors Of NYY Plans & Targeted Players)

July 2nd Explainer VIdeo

Before The Dominican Trip

Yankees Plan To Shatter International Spending Record

Game Theory Controls The International Market

2013 July 2nd Coverage

International Prospects

All of these players are first-time eligible 16 year olds on July 2, 2014 unless otherwise noted. Click on the player's name to see all the articles they've appeared in, with videos of those where it's mentioned. The previous content for many of these players includes full scouting reports and rumors about interested teams and verbal deals for seven figures.

Chris Acosta, RHP, Dominican Republic

Jhoandro Alfaro, C, Colombia (Video) - Brother of Rangers C Jorge Alfaro, the 69th best prospect in the minors (2014 Top 100 Prospects)

Jonathan Amundaray, OF, Venezuela (Video)

Ricky Aracena, SS, Dominican Republic

Christian Capellan, OF, Dominican Republic (Video)

Diego Castillo, SS, Venezuela

Gabriel Corporan, 3B, Dominican Republic (Video) - Eligible on August 11, 2014 (16th birthday)

Juan De Leon, CF, Dominican Republic (Video)

Bryan Emery, CF, Colombia

Anderson Espinoza, RHP, Venezuela

Arquimedes Gamboa, SS, Venezuela (Video)

Dermis Garcia, SS, Dominican Republic (Video)

Nelson Gomez, 3B, Dominican Republic (Video)

Esmerlin Gonzalez, SS, Dominican Republic (Video)

Pedro Gonzalez, SS, Dominican Republic (Video)

Brayan Hernandez, CF, Venezuela (Video)

Carlos Herrera, RHP, Dominican Republic (Video)

Starling Joseph, OF, Dominican Republic - Eligible on August 1, 2014 (16th birthday)

Gilbert Lara, 3B, Dominican Republic (Video)

Robert Medina, C, Colombia (Video)

Juan Meza, RHP, Venezuela (Video)

Ismerling Mota, C, Dominican Republic

Amado Nunez, SS, Dominican Republic

Hyo-Joon Park, SS, South Korea

Bryan Pena, OF, Dominican Republic (Video)

Ronny Rafael, OF, Dominican Republic

Ricardo Rodriguez, C, Venezuela (Video)

Adrian Rondon, SS, Dominican Republic

Miguelangel Sierra, SS, Venezuela (Video)

Chris Torres, SS, Dominican Republic (Video)

Huascar Ynoa, RHP, Dominican Republic (Video)

Elwin Tejeda, SS, Dominican Republic (Video)

Juan Ventura, SS, Dominican Republic (Video)

Jose Zabala, OF, Dominican Republic

Cecilio Aybar, SS, Dominican Republic (Video) - Falsified identity as Obispo Aybar, a 16-year-old eligible in last year's July 2nd class. Eligible to sign after serving year-long suspension that ends April 24, 2014. He will be 20 years old when eligible.

Eriberto Franco, SS, Dominican Republic - Eligible July 2nd, 2015

Vladimir Guerrero, Jr., OF, Dominican Republic - Eligible July 2nd, 2015, son of Vladimir Guerrero

Vinicio Martinez, RF, Dominican Republic - Eligible July 2nd, 2015

Anderson Pena, SS, Dominican Republic - Eligible July 2nd, 2015

Henry Pujols, 3B, Dominican Republic - Eligible July 2nd, 2015

Franklin Reyes, RF, Dominican Republic - Eligible July 2nd, 2015

Fernando Tatis, Jr., 3B, Dominican Republic - Eligible July 2nd, 2015, son of Fernando Tatis

Rafioly Urena, RF, Dominican Republic - Eligible July 2nd, 2015

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