Williams: "We'll Make It Work"

General Manager Ken Williams fired manager Jerry Manuel and started going over player personnel to determine if each player is the type they want to bring back next year. Williams felt as if he had too many guys that lived and died with the long ball, and wants individuals willing to "grind it out" more.

"One of the things that will be looked at is whether we have enough individuals that will grind their way through 162 games, such as what Minnesota did this year," Williams said. "It definitely will be looked at."

Williams has reportedly begun contract negotiations with free-agents-to-be Bartolo Colon and Robbie and Sandy Alomar.

"As you guys have seen in the winter meetings, there are things you don't have a feel for and can't do until maybe even January," Williams said. "It may even be where you start spring training with one club and see what you have and improve upon that. There are a few plans we have on the table right now."

Although Williams won't know what payroll he will have to work with until November at the earliest, he said it won't be much more than the $56 million the Sox ended the season with.

"It may go up marginally," Williams said. "We're still going to have to do some juggling. We still don't have the resources to add significantly to the payroll. But as I've said before, so be it. We'll make it work."

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