Q&A with SI Pitching Coach Pat Daneker

We sat down with Staten Island Yankees pitching coach Pat Daneker for a Q&A session to get his thoughts on what kind of stuff he saw from Thomas Kahnle, if he thinks Nik Turley is close to figuring it out on the mound, if Preston Claiborne and Chase Whitley have big league potential, what he likes best about Mikey O'Brien, and much, much more.

PinstripesPlus.com: I know the numbers don't really show it but it seemed to me that Shane Greene had some of the best stuff on your staff this year before he was sent to Charleston. What were your impressions of him this year? Pat Daneker: He was a little up and down. His mechanics were his main issue. He just had to find someplace in his delivery to get comfortable and we worked on that...

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