Mariners Net Depth In Ichiro Deal

Trading a star like Ichiro Suzuki a few years ago would have likely involved some of baseball's elite prospects. At this stage in his career, however, that was not the case. On the other hand, the Mariners did land some quality depth for the upper levels of their farm system.

Ichiro is likely to make a significant impact in New York. In a worst case scenario, the Yankees can at least expect Brett Gardner levels of production, and in a best case, they get a rejuvenated superstar. As for Seattle, the main objective was to unload an aging player with a bloated salary. The expectation could never have been to land anything greater than a couple decent prospects in return.

Two decent prospects is exactly what Seattled obtained from New York. Danny Farquhar is simply a right-hander with some velocity that organizations should continuing rolling the dice on. His command is going to need to make significant strides, but he has a fastball that reaches the mid 90s, so at some point you may be able to squeeze some quality relief performances out of him.

Right-hander, D.J. Mitchell is much further up the depth chart in terms of prospects. While he may never overpower big league hitters, his outstanding sink is going to be a great equalizer for him. Working at 88-91 mph, his sink could allow him to be an extreme ground ball pitcher in the big leagues. And, he does have a quality slider and changeup. If he can show some improved command of those two offerings, he could be a fourth of fifth starter in the big leagues. That sinking fastball could also make him a valuable asset in middle relief.

Is there anyone to be truly excited about here? No, probably not. This isn't the Ichiro of a few years ago, nor is it the haul of prospects he would have netted a few years ago. But, an organization like Seattle needs to continuing stockpiling depth. With this deal, they accomplished just that.

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