Phillies Rule 5 Eligibles

Minor League players are eligible for the annual Rule 5 Draft after either four or five seasons, depending on their age. The Phillies can add any of the following players to the 40-man roster by November 20th to keep them protected.


Pitchers Name, Throws (L/R), Age (as of 10/1/12)

Gabriel Arias, RHP, 22

Chance Chapman, RHP, 28

Michael Cisco, RHP, 25

Tom Cochran, LHP, 29

Jordan Ellis, RHP, 27

Justin Friend, RHP, 26

Luis Paulino, RHP, 23

Colby Shreve, RHP, 24

Juan Sosa, RHP, 22

Catchers Name, Bats (L/R), Age (as of 10/1/12)


Infielders Name, Bats (L/R), Age (as of 10/1/12)

Miguel Alvarez, R, 23

Albert Cartwright, R, 24

Troy Hanzawa, R, 27

Jim Murphy, R, 27

Jake Opitz, L, 33

Cody Overbeck, R, 26

Outfielders Name, Bats (L/R), Age (as of 10/1/12)

Leandro Castro, R, 23

Anthony Hewitt, R, 23

Kyle Hudson, L, 25

Jiwan James, S, 23

Steve Susdorf, L, 26

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