Live From Lakeland: Tigers Fall Ball Day 2

The second full game observation was at the Pirates Bradenton complex as the Tigers took to the road before a camp day Saturday and Sunday off. There were some highlights in the game, including a home run by Jeff McVaney in the first and two doubles – one to each field – by Danry Vasquez.

Yorfrank Lopez (RHP)

Lopez is an absolute behemoth of a man. He's going to have to keep tabs on his body. It's already really big and rather soft. He needs some additional conditioning but the strength is already there. It's a workhorse body that should prove durable if he can establish some level of stamina. His fastball parked at 89-91 and touched 92 twice. Both his curveball and change-up need work but showed some promise. They were of similar speed which was a bit troubling as it doesn't give hitters the variation many desire. I think the change-up could be more effective if thrown a bit firmer. Didn't get enough today to give a sound projection but there's some raw materials here, even if he is a ways off the prospect radar.

Jeff Ferrell (RHP)

First observation with Ferrell was the physical maturation. He's filled out nicely, largely thanks to a hefty workout regimen throughout his rehab from Tommy John surgery. He's got a durable body that present more of a presence on the mound. The raw stuff didn't stand up to the physical appearance as his fastball sat comfortably at 89-90 and touched 92 a couple of times. I don't see much more in the tank with his current delivery and little remaining projection in the frame. His curveball has plus potential but if he is forced to hang his hat on that, he doesn't profile as more than an org guy for me.

Hudson Randall (RHP)

Randall presented quite possibly one of the most disappointing experiences of this trip. While I don't want to write him off based on one inning in his first instructional league, Randall did not impress. He's a slight guy without much physical projection thanks to narrow shoulders and a really thin build. His fastball sat 85-88 mph in one inning of work, though he did locate it very well. His slider was solid in the 80 mph range and he flashed a slower curveball with some potential. He's a command and control artist and that's not a profile I like in right-handed pitchers.

David Gonzalez (SS)

This kid is growing on me. He's got a flashy glove that I give easy plus projection to once he settles down. His arm matches that score in the present as he can unleash strong throws from anywhere on the left side. He's a quick guy in the field but doesn't have a ton of straight line speed, showing 4.44-4.52 speed down the line. The biggest knock on Gonzalez right now is that his game is largely out of control. He plays fast and frequently out of balance but that should settle down as he gets used to the speed of the game. Overall he has a utility profile but he's at least an interesting young infielder with a slick glove.

Bunt Hits

Jared Reaves is a classic baseball player. He does everything right on the field and should stick around in the organization for quite a while…..Jeff McVaney's not going to show up on prospect lists but he's a fringy runner with some pop and he has a really solid org profile…..Danry Vasquez can still hit and I'm still a huge, huge fan…..Drew VerHagen sat 91-92 in an inning of work but didn't appear to be airing it out.

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