Toohill Is High On The Dawgs

Cathedral Catholic (San Diego, Ca.) LB Casey Toohill is up to 11 offers and said that Washington is one of the programs that is standing out and a visit up to Seattle next month could go a long way in helping him make his choice of where he wants to play his college football...

"I really like Washington a lot," Toohill told recently. "The coaches are great and I have gotten to know a few of them already.

"I talk a lot with coach (Bob) Gregory and also coach 'K' (Pete Kwiatkowski) and I have also gotten to know coach (Jeff) Choate too.

"I've talked to coach (Chris) Petersen and he really made a great impression on me. He talked about the guys they are looking for -- I guess they call them OKGs ('our kind of guys') -- and that it isn't just about football, but also about academics and how you are as a person outside of football.

"He's also looking for guys who are tough and hard workers."

Besides the staff and enjoying getting to know them, Toohill said the school and program itself definitely have definitely piqued his interest.

"They have strong academics there and that is real important to me and they are just an overall great Pac 12 school and program," Toohill said. "I know they have some great history there and that's something that you always like to be part of."

Toohill has never been up to see Washington, but plans to rectify that with a visit in the next few weeks.

"My team is working out and practicing every week right now, so it's tough, but we'll take a couple of weeks off before we get started with our fall camp and that's when I will probably make it up there," Toohill noted. "It'll probably be the first or second week of August. I'm still working it out, but I definitely want to get up there and see the school and meet with the coaches again."

In addition to his offer from the Huskies, Toohill has 10 other offers and he said pretty much every school is after him as a linebacker or hybrid player who could play some defensive end as well.

"A lot of schools like me as a hybrid where I could either put my hand on the ground or just be a standup pass-rusher," Toohill noted. "I just like to play and get out there with my teammates and do whatever we can to beat the other team.

"I have offers right now from Washington, Boston College, Washington State, San Diego State, Nevada, New Mexico, Navy, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Utah State.

"Stanford and Vanderbilt are also talking to me a lot and they've asked me to be a little patient with the process because they are still evaluating guys."

As a junior last fall, Toohill missed seven games with a broken humerus in his left arm.

"I landed on it and it was all twisted up and it just broke," Toohill recalled. "I had to sit out seven games, but I came back and made it back for the playoffs. Nothing was going to keep me away from that."

Toohill finished with 25 tackles and four sacks while playing in just six games.

As far as when he'd like to make a decision, Toohill acknowledged he'd like to get it out of the way as soon as possible, but he's not going to rush into anything.

"Obviously, I'd love to make the decision before my senior season, but I'm not going to decide anything just to pick a school and then not be completely sure about my decision," Toohill said. "I will probably wait and take some of my visits, maybe not all five, but at least a couple, and then see where I am at.

"If I said I am going to wait until January to decide, but then after visiting a couple of schools, if I am ready, why would I wait? I just don't want to be committed to a date to decide and then change that up.

"When I am ready, I'll just do it and it will be done."

Toohill said his family -- his parents, brother and sister -- as well as his high school coach will help him make his decision, but that they are all very supportive of him and the process.

"They all want what is best for me," Toohill said. "In the end it is my decision and something I have to live with, so they'll give me their thoughts and help me decide, but they will support whatever I decide to do."

Toohill and his teammates will kick off their season against Husky commit Jake Browning and Folsom on August 29th in the Brother In Arms Classic.

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