Coleman Hitting The Reset Button For 2015

Outfielder Kendall Coleman, drafted in the 11th round of the 2013 MLB Draft out of high school, has had a rough go of it so far to begin his career. He saw his debut season end abruptly last year after tearing his quad and, after seemingly ready to break out in 2014, he suffered yet another season-ending injury this year. He's resting now and looking to hit the reset button for 2015.

He hit just .143 in a brief ten-game stint with the Gulf Coast League Yankees in 2013 before tearing his left quad. Disappointed about how his debut season went, he had a tremendous offseason gaining strength that allowed him to be a standout performer in Spring Training this year.

However, when the regular season rolled around this year, yet another injury limited his action to just eight official games in the Gulf Coast League and his season ended on July 4th.

"It was just a really bad stress reaction in my shin," he said. "I had a few of them actually. They're most commonly known as shin splints but they were just really bad so I could never get healthy [this year].

"It happened in May and I tried to play through it for a month and half to two months but then it started getting worse so they just shut me down.

"I was just trying to play through it and the trainers were letting me play through it for a little bit until it started getting really, really bad. After my last game in the GCL is the day they put me on the 60-day DL. So they just shut me down. I didn't have any rehab assignments or anything like that."

Realizing it was going to require a lot of rest, the Yankees put him in the 60-day disabled list on July 5th and his season was realistically over before it ever really began.

"It was very disappointing to be hurt two seasons in a row but I'm glad with the progress that I made in [Extended] Spring Training so all I can do is try to get better," he said. "There's nothing I really could have done about it. I was looking forward to a pretty good year but it goes like that."

He reported to Spring Training camp this year in great shape too. He had added nearly 30 pounds of good weight over the offseason and came to camp a much more confident hitter, one who showed increased power and a tangibly better approach of using the whole field more.

"I was working on a few things but I thought I did alright. I was trying to work on hand placement, load, etc. They had me working on a bunch of different stuff but I think we got it down now. I think it went pretty well.

"I actually feel a lot more confident at the plate now. In my first season the confidence wasn't really there but this past Spring [Training] and Extended Spring [Training] I started to gain a lot of confidence.

"I was looking forward to a good year, a great year. Yeah I was ready for a good year but there was nothing I could have done [about the injury]."

He has now amassed a grand total of 51 official minor league at-bats in his first two professional seasons but can only look forward at this point. Currently home in Texas still resting the injury, he says he is feeling a lot better these days.

"I feel a lot better," he said. "I should be getting another MRI here in a few weeks just to make sure everything's good and everything's gone so I can start running again and start doing lower body workouts again. I feel great."

Restricted to just upper-body workouts at the current time, the fact is he hasn't done any baseball activities since the early part of July and still is not able to do any of them now.

"No, I haven't done any in the past two and half or three months," he confirmed. "All I've been able to do is upper body stuff, shoulder stuff, and things like that. The trainer, Tim [Lentych] wants me to stay off of my feet as much as possible until three weeks from now."

Hoping for some good news three weeks from now, Coleman is just focused on eating better and gaining more strength this offseason, and looking forward to hitting the proverbial reset button in 2015 and be ready for next season.

"Oh yeah, exactly, if not more. Hopefully it is more. I'm going to prepare more, as much as possible. I'll be ready," he concluded.

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