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Each year we rank the Top 50 Yankees Prospects and then follow it up with a 'Beyond The Top 50' group and a Top 20 DSL/International Free Agent ranking. A few prospects from the latter two groups have seen their place in the organization trending upward over the last calendar year.

Note: This does not include newly signed 2014 players, just players who were in the farm system a year ago and didn't crack the Top 50 then.

RHP, Domingo Acevedo: Comparing well as sort of Jose Ramirez-Dellin Betances hybrid entering the season, we knew it was just a matter of time before this Dominican giant [6-foot-7] would find quick and permanent residence among the Top 50 Yankee prospects. Statistically it wasn't quite the year he and the Yankees were hoping for as he posted just a 4.11 ERA in just five Gulf Coast League appearances as he dealt with a minor dead arm period out of Extended Spring Training, but with two plus big league pitches, a consistent delivery, and a third pitch that flashes plus potential, his ceiling is as high as it gets.

SS, Angel Aguilar: Light on him a year ago in hindsight, we ranked him 11th last offseason among the Top 20 DSL Yankee Prospects after he hit just .262 with only three home runs and two stolen bases. He was wildly productive in his first taste of the United States this past season, however, hitting .311 with seven home runs [among the league leaders in both categories]. He's an above average defender at short, can play both third and second base too, and the 19-year old continues to get stronger. There is significant upside here in all phases of the game.

1B/OF, Chris Breen: A borderline Top 50 prospect a year ago, one who was one of the last ones cut from the rankings, we mentioned a year ago that with his rather slow footwork and average at best defensive game that he was going to have to hit his way up the minor leagues playing a power hitting position like first base or corner outfield. So far so good, he has begun to do exactly that, hitting .281 and leading the New York Penn League in OPS this past season [.881]. Not toolsy in the other areas of his game, his stock still solely relies on his bat and that may prevent him from being a top prospect, but he has proven he belongs in the conversation.

RHP, Simon De La Rosa: Just like Acevedo, we knew it was just a matter of time before this fire-baller made his way into the Top 50 prospects. Ranked one spot behind Acevedo [fourth overall] in our Top 20 DSL Yankee Prospects rankings entering the season, he had earned the reputation as a Rafael De Paula-like prospect, one who had a true swing and miss fastball and a ton of upside. Like De Paula the fastball command was a little raw entering his first full season in the United States but De La Rosa proved to have a much more effective and higher ceiling breaking ball, and that arguably gives him a better long-term big league chance.

OF, Dustin Fowler: It isn't quite as easy for non-Latin American position players to ascend the rankings as quickly but this former 18th round pick is beginning to see his stock soar inside the organization. Drafted out of high school just a year ago, he had a very solid first full season in 2014, hitting a respectable .257 with nine home runs as one of the younger players in low-A ball this year. There's a real looseness in his swing that suggests a lot more power potential coming and a keen eye at the plate that suggests even more batting potential coming too. There is a lot of upside here.

SS, Jorge Mateo: Nobody's stock is soaring more than this Dominican native, however, although his isn't at all surprising. Clubbing seven home runs and swiping a ridiculous 49 bases in the Dominican Summer League a year ago, it was just a matter of time before he surged his way into the Top 50. What has turned out to be surprising though is just how polished his overall game truly is. Throw out the limited numbers he had in 2014 after an injury-marred season -- he's a legit top prospect in the farm system.

OF, Leonardo Molina: The top International free agent signing a year ago, this Dominican native entered his debut season with high expectations. He failed to meet those statistically, however, hitting just .193 with one home run in his debut season. Keep in mind though that he not only skipped the Dominican Summer League entirely but played a good portion of the season as a 16-year old [which equates to a high school sophomore in some cases]. As toolsy as they come, he has been praised for his makeup and coachability too. Don't sleep on this youngster, he could have a Ramon Flores-like quick turnaround in his second pro season.

OF, Alexander Palma: In highsight our ranking him seventh in the Top 20 DSL Yankee Prospects entering the season seems very light, especially on the heels of his terrific States-side debut in 2014 that saw him hit .305 in the Gulf Coast League. While the batting average was more than solid, it was his overall hitting approach that truly stood out -- he almost had more doubles [13] than strikeouts [15] this year. That kind of hitting ability is rare indeed and he has the kind of physical frame that can be reshaped and strengthened to the point where there could be some surprising untapped power potential coming. He could turn out to be what former top Yankee prospect Jose Tabata was supposed to be.

SS, Tyler Wade: Like Fowler, it isn't all that often that a non-Latin American position prospect breaks into the Top 50 prospects so quickly after their initial debut season but this fourth round pick a year ago has it going on. He doesn't have the eye-popping home run power nor will it ever really come but that doesn't matter, he has everything else in place to be a solid burgeoning big league prospect; smooth defensive game, defensive versatility, high makeup, speed, and consistent hitting ability. The lack of power will probably prevent him from being a top overall prospect but this is a guy who can move quickly up the minor leagues and be productive along the way.

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