Where Moncada Would Fit With The Yankees

We just dissected which prospects ranked in various tools categories like "Best Power", "Best Speed", etc. Obviously signing Cuban defector and top International free agent Yoan Moncada would be a game-changer overall but where exactly where would he rank in the various tools categories in comparison to the other Yankee prospects right now? We offer a little context on the subject.

It should be noted that all of the ensuing opinions are just that -- opinions. They are the collective opinions of various scouts who have not only seen Yoan Moncada during his showcases but are also familiar with the Yankees prospects too and therefore can give some context as to where he would fit in the Yankee farm system should the Bombers eventually sign the 19-year old.

Best Hitter For Average: We tabbed Rob Refsnyder the tops in this category for his combination of incredibly consistent swing path, great bat speed, and some of the best plate discipline. The general consensus among scouts is that Moncada, while having a very present hit tool, wouldn't necessarily rank above Refsnyder in this category. He would rank right near there, however, reportedly just below Refsnyder and among the group of Ramon Flores, Greg Bird, and Aaron Judge as one of the better hitting prospects in the farm system, and easily the best hitter for average among the switch-hitters.

Best Power: What has scouts excited is the power potential this switch-hitter possesses. In fact, the Yankees have a pair of top power hitting prospects in outfielder Aaron Judge and first baseman Greg Bird [in that order], arguably the top two currently in the Yankee farm system, and word is Moncada would slide in between the two of them in terms of long-term power potential; he doesn't quite have Judge's thump [but few do] but he could easily be right up there with Bird power-wise.

Best Speed: The Yankees don't have a whole lot of elite burners in their farm system right now. In fact, only Jorge Mateo can boast elite top-notch speed, a true 80-runner. Those kinds of runners are rare indeed and Moncada, still very swift in his own right, isn't exactly on that level. However, the general opinion of scouts in the know believe that if the Yankees signed Moncada that he would easily rank second behind Mateo as far as useful in-game speed, ahead of the likes of Tyler Wade, Michael O'Neill, etc, etc.

Best Fastball Hitter: This category is a little more difficult to decipher consensus-wise. There isn't a broad agreement where Moncada would exactly rank among the best fastball hitters in the farm system but there is one general consensus; he would be among the tops the organization has to offer. Whether he ranks ahead of Greg Bird in this regard or behind the likes of Eric Jagielo doesn't really matter -- he belongs in the same company.

Best Breaking Ball Hitter: Ditto for this category; there isn't a real consensus. There have been some 'Ramon Flores with plus power' comps floating around among scouts familiar with the Yankees and Flores is notoriously one of the more accomplished breaking ball hitters in the entire organization. Whether that means Moncada would rank first, second, or third remains to be seen but overall he would be near the top.

Best Infield Arm: There are a number of debates as to where Moncada would eventually fit defensively but the growing consensus is that it probably isn't going to be at shortstop. He could slide in at one of the three outfield spots for sure and would almost assuredly be a plus defender in either corner outfield spot, but scouts believe he has the overall athleticism to play either second base or even third base. At second base he would have elite plus arm strength considering he reportedly fits right up there with Miguel Andujar and Abiatal Avelino among the best infield arms [word is his arm would rank a tick below that of Cito Culver] the Yankees have to offer right now.


We're not exactly breaking news that if the Yankees were to sign Yoan Moncada that he would immediately soar right to the very top of the prospect rankings in the Yankee farm system. The general feeling among scouts in the know, however, is that Moncada is a Jorge Mateo-Miguel Andujar hybrid of sorts. He possesses Mateo's plus bat speed, overall athleticism, and [almost] equally quick running speed, and Andujar's arm strength, overall hitting ability and especially in regards to using the whole field, and above average to borderline plus power potential. Combining the very best traits of two prospects who arguably are among the top ten currently in the farm system, it's easy to see why there is a lot of excitement surrounding Moncada.

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