Bad Break For Coleman

Outfielder Kendall Coleman has a ton of ability but had suffered two significant injuries in his first two professional seasons. He reported to camp in great shape once again this season in hopes of having that breakout season many insiders believed he was capable of having and that goal is once again on hold after he sustained another injury in his very first Spring Training game on Friday.

"I was diving for a line drive [on Friday] in Bradenton and somehow, someway my thumb caught up on the ground on my glove hand and I felt a pop," he said. "I've never broken a bone before so I didn't think it was broken but the x-ray [on Saturday] said it was broken."

He was limited to just 28 at-bats in his debut season in 2013 after tearing a quad muscle and then amassed just 23 at-bats last season while dealing with some pretty serious shin-splints. When he heard the news on Saturday about this latest setback he had two words immediately come to mind.

"Not again," he said. "It's just frustrating. It's happened three years in a row now. I think I've just run into some bad luck.

"There's nothing I can really do about it though. I just have to keep going. It's in the past. I'm not going to be out for the season though so I can still making something out of it."

The prognosis is he will miss roughly six to eight weeks while the broken thumb on his right hand heals.

"I think right now it's six to eight weeks of doing nothing and then the rehab process starts. I'm going to continue running and throwing obviously but the only thing I won't be able to do is swing.

"As soon as the bone heals, hopefully in six weeks, I'll start my swinging process. It shouldn't take too long after that."

Getting hurt so quickly into minor league Spring Training is especially frustrating for Coleman too. He will now have to watch his teammates continue playing games, something Coleman was really looking forward after missing so much time last season and after working so hard this offseason in preparation for what he had hoped would have been his first healthy season.

"It sucks, it really does," he admitted. "I thought I was past [the injury bug] and I ran into another one. It'll be all right though. It'll be okay."

If there's a silver lining with the timing of his injury is that he can still somewhat have the kind of season he had been seeking. Most likely destined for short-season Pulaski anyway even before Spring Training camp opened, getting back in time to still achieve that goal is quite doable and he hasn't closed the door yet on this being his breakout season.

"If it goes like it's supposed to, you know the six to eight weeks, I think I can still have a good year. It's a long year so I'll just try to make the best out of it," he concluded.

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