Scouting Yankees Prospect #12: Austin DeCarr

The Yankees drafted right-handed pitcher Austin DeCarr in the third round of the 2014 MLB Draft out of Salisbury [High] School in Massachusetts. Selected for both his high ceiling and overall safe projectability, he has proven to have both traits in droves in his short time with the Yankees.

Vital Statistics:
Name: Austin DeCarr
Position: Pitcher
DOB: March 14, 1995
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215
Bats: Right
Throws: Right

Repertoire. Fastball, Curveball, Changeup.

Fastball. Despite his youth and inexperience DeCarr has above average control of an already above average to plus big league fastball. It sits mostly in the 92-94 mph range but he has reportedly hit as high as 97 mph as an amateur. Beyond the sheer velocity though it's the late life with his fastball, that little extra giddy-up as the ball bears down on batters, that allows his heater to play at a consistent plus level. The solid movement he gets with his four-seamer right now suggests he has the wherewithal to develop an above average two-seamer as he gains more experience too. Throw in a very strong, durable, and projectable physical frame, there also exists the possibility that he could add a tick or two on his fastball as he continues to mature.

Other Pitches. What makes DeCarr more advanced than most amongst his peers is his already plus big league curveball. He can spin the breaking ball with the best of them and he's quickly added a bit more power to it in short order with the Yankees. It used to sit in the 73-79 mph range with great depth and now the lower end average velocity has ticked closer to the 76-77 mph range and he's even topping out in the low-80s with his hammer curve. It is his main strikeout pitch and could be a big-time strikeout weapon when it's all said and done, especially given how well he can command the pitch already. He entered professional baseball with what can only be labeled a non-existent changeup and he has worked tirelessly to quickly develop one. It's currently a below average big league offering, especially from a consistency standpoint, but he'll snap off some ones with great depth and fade, the kind that show above average or better long-term potential as he continues to throw it in the ensuing years.

Pitching. Still in the infancy stage of his development, what makes DeCarr stand out is his advanced feel for pitching and aggressive approach on the mound. He doesn't shy away from pitching to contact and that's a bit of a rarity at the lower levels where the defenses aren't always up to par. That bulldog attitude serves him well getting ahead in counts and he has two advanced pitches to put batters away. It's his overall professional demeanor and unflappable nature that ties his physical game together, as does his smooth and consistent mechanics. A high makeup guy, he exudes confidence on the mound and a second to none fierce competitiveness; he simply wants to be the best and his work ethic is off the charts.

Projection. It's far too early to accurately project how DeCarr will ultimately fit into a big league pitching staff given his lack of experience thus far. However, armed with two above average to plus big league pitches, a rock-solid pitcher's frame, and some of the best mental makeup around, DeCarr, who exhibits some Matt Harvey-like intangibles, already safely projects to develop into a big league pitcher someday. There are very few weaknesses in his game outside of actual game experience and that will only come over time. In fact, his lackluster changeup is really the only current weakness in an otherwise advanced overall game, and given his overall coach-ability and tremendous work ethic it stands to reason that it will only be a matter of time before he's able to develop at least a serviceable third pitch. Should that changeup come around in due time he could slide in anywhere from a solid middle of the rotation big league starting pitcher to a frontline one; his ultimate big league role will depend solely on his sustained health and further development of the changeup.

ETA. N/A. DeCarr needs to find his way into the long-season leagues before a realistic big league arrival time can be estimated. Don't rule that out as a possibility for late 2015, but the smart money says he'll earn his professional stripes in one of the short-season leagues first [most likely short-season Pulaski].



















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