Refsnyder Finding His Identity

SCRANTON, PA - Rob Refsnyder's struggles early this season were well documented. Questions from the New York media and other media outlets covering the RailRiders about whether or not Refsnyder was a viable option for a future second baseman came at a constant. However, that early chatter to put Refsnyder back in the outfield has come to a screeching halt.

Now the talk around the New York media is that in fact the RailRiders' second baseman is not only a viable option, but may be the Yankees full-time second baseman sooner rather than later.

Over the last month, Rob Refsynder not only has been consistent from the plate but also has improved dramatically on his fielding mishaps earlier in the season.

The former fifth rounder for the Yankees got off to a very shaky start at second base, committing a number of errors in the first week at his relatively new position. But, Refsnyder has completely turned it around over the past two months.

"I feel comfortable at second base. I'm just doing the same thing every day," Refsnyder said. "I haven't worked on anything specific defensively."

Maybe even more impressive than Refsnyder's continued strides defensively is his consistency at the plate. In the month of May, the former gold medalist for the USA Youth National Team hit .304 and he has walked [22] as much as he has struck out [22] in his last 42 games.

But, the biggest difference Refsnyder is not the improved elements of his overall game. The biggest change from last year to this year is finding out who he is as a player.

"I'm just trying to figure out who I want to be as a hitter, a second baseman, and a player overall. I see myself forming an identity as a player. That's probably the biggest difference from last year."

With all the early problems chatter aside, it has given him time to find that. To his credit, he has settled in nicely and with Stephen Drew continuing to struggle on the offensive consistency side of things in New York it has led to more frequent discussions about Refsndyer becoming even a short-term option for the big league club.

There has been a push from fans and media alike to call up the RailRiders' starting second baseman. However, Refsnyder said that he is not worried about getting called up right now. He simply has to stay focused and play his game.

"I just got to get ready for whenever that situation arises. I have to be ready from a mental and physical side. Just be ready. If it happens, that's the goal, but I just have to worry about my game and where it's at."

For now, Refsnyder will help the RailRiders through the summer months as they make a run for the playoffs. And with all the recent call-ups, the Arizona graduate is confident in this team moving forward.

"Seeing a few guys get promoted is nice. Hopefully we start mixing in more arms and position players. That's the goal. A lot of these guys work hard, so I hope to see more guys get promoted," he concluded.

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