Coshow Focusing On Secondary Stuff

TRENTON, NJ - Cale Coshow has made huge strides this season, starting out in low-A Charleston and moving up to Double-A Trenton Thunder a few weeks ago. The reliever turned starter has pitched 96 innings in 30 games this season with an 9-3 record and a 2.39 ERA. As a reliever, he is a perfect 8 for 8 in saves. As good as he has been though, the focus has been and remains on his secondary pitches.

Having to compete in three different levels in the minor league system is no small feat, but getting good results in every single one of them is even more impressive. While he felt comfortable in his place starting out in Charleston this year, he knew that in order to get better he needed to learn from guys who have had more success at the higher levels. This was the case in Tampa and he’s doing the same in Trenton.

“Definitely the coaches have helped me make the transition easier,” Coshow said. “They taught me to stick to my game plan, not overthink things, and I’ve also learned from a lot of the players too, especially from the pitchers, at every single level.

"Over there in Charleston, I was a returning player, and saw myself as an older guy for these guys to learn from, but now when I came to Tampa and when I came here, I was the one that needed to learn from the other guys who have been there before. It’s been a fun ride this season.”

In his time in Tampa, Coshow split time as both starter and reliever and says that he felt good coming out of it. It doesn’t take much to figure out why he was content with his performance in high-A, posting a 2.23 ERA and a 7-2 record in 16 games and nine starts.

His first start in Trenton on August 9 garnered mixed results, allowing four earned runs, five hits, and two walks in just four innings of work. His following two starts produced the same results as he has been getting throughout this year, allowing just two earned runs and seven hits while striking out seven in 11.1 innings.

Sporting a robust 6-foot-5, 260 pound frame, the 23-year-old has improved significantly in his pitching. The Oklahoman’s fastball hovers around the mid-90s, although he admits that he needs to keep working on his craft, primarily his secondary pitches.

"The key to the big leagues is your secondary pitches,” Coshow said. “Everyone throws hard, or it seems that everyone can throw hard, but not many guys have that secondary pitch to succeed. As long as I can perfect those, I think I got a good shot at making something out of my career.”

Trenton Thunder manager Al Pedrique says that while Coshow has done a good job so far, posting a 3.86 ERA in his first four Double-A starts, he still has a long way to go. Like Coshow, Pedrique says that a big factor to having a good pitching career is not in how hard you throw, but how well you are able to locate your offspeed pitches.

“He needs to work on his secondary pitches, his curveball and the changeup,” Pedrique said. “Right now, he counts on the fastball too much, but in order to be successful in the higher levels, he’s going to have to be consistent throwing those offspeed pitches for a strike."

While he may been doing very well for himself, he has admitted to having some doubts in his pitching at times, and it has been affected due to being overly cautious. He says that with more time pitching, he’ll get more confidence and is able to throw more consistently. At this moment, he doesn’t see his changeup and curveball as overly reliable secondary pitches to throw.

“Sometimes I don’t trust my stuff and end up throwing the ball slower,” Coshow said. “Eventually, I’m going to be able to trust my stuff and then my secondary pitches will be able to grow into better secondary pitches, and hopefully [I will] be able to use them in the big leagues someday.”

Pedrique compared Coshow’s stuff to fellow teammate Rookie Davis, another pitcher who’s still working on his second and third pitches, but also said that Davis is a little bit more advanced in that department. So far he likes what he has seen from the big pitcher.

“He’s been very aggressive,” Pedrique said. “He loves to pitch. I think he has a good life on his fastball and it seems like it’s a heavy ball.

"The one thing I like the most out of him is that he’s aggressive, not afraid to challenge hitters and so far I think he’s done a good job. Again he needs to keep working on his secondary pitches, but I think he’ll get there one day.”

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