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Here's a scouting report on Staten Island Yankees right-handed pitcher Will Carter.

The Yankees drafted right-handed pitcher Will Carter in the 14 round of the 2015 MLB Draft out of the University of Alabama. He chipped in with a solid debut season last year in Staten Island but more so it's his impressive stuff that has team insiders believing he could be one of the better 'sleeper' prospects in the organization long-term.

Vital Statistics:
Name: Will Carter
Position: Pitcher
DOB: January 18, 1993
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190
Bats: Left
Throws: Right

Repertoire. Fastball, Curveball, Changeup.

Fastball. Carter actually boasts a plus fastball pitching out of the bullpen, sitting mostly 93-95 mph with his four-seam fastball and topping out at 98 mph. His four-seamer has some decent movement to it too and that could be a precursor to harnessing an improved sinker in the coming years.  His fastball command is just okay, however, and it clearly is the weakest part of his game currently.  A starter in college, one who didn't show that kind of velocity in that capacity as an amateur, it remains to be seen if he can sustain that kind of velocity in a starting role at the professional level.  The power is a plus tool for sure but the command and the endurance remain long-term question marks.  He does have the kind of frame that could support some good useful weight too and that could not only help with the stamina but perhaps even add a tick or two to his already plus fastball.

Other Pitches. Carter isn't just about the plus fastball, he has a plus curveball at his disposal too.  It's a true knockout breaking ball that sits in the low-to-mid-80s with great diving last-second action.  He actually has pretty good command of his curveball too and it serves as his primary strikeout pitch.  He rounds out his repertoire with a solid big league changeup with above average to long-term plus potential.  It has some really nice fade and depth to it but it also is clearly his third pitch.  It hasn't become the strikeout weapon it truly can be given the movement he's able to generate with it but that should come over time as he throws it more.

Pitching: Carter's game is all about power and deception.  He employs a very loose and effortless delivery, and as a result batters are not prepared for the kind of power he can generate.  Throw in three pitches that all move either relatively well or extremely well, he can be very deceptive on the mound.  His solid delivery suggests his less than stellar command is more a byproduct of trying to nibble corners too much instead of attacking batters with first-pitch strikes; it's more approach than faulty mechanics.  He is very athletic too, boasting the kind of agility that should allow him to become very good fielding his position and holding runners once he learns the nuances of pitching at the professional level.  A tireless worker, he is very coachable and has the ability to make adjustments.

Projection. Despite being used primarily as a reliever in his debut season, with three above average to plus pitches Carter has the stuff to project long-term as a middle of the rotation big league starter [or better] someday.  He even has the kind of high level mental makeup to make that potential more of a realistic possibility.  However, that kind of ceiling will take some work for sure too.  He not only has to improve the command of his pitches and trust his stuff more inside the strike zone but he has to prove he has the kind of strength and stamina to sustain his stuff deeper into games.  Until he does he projects best as a future big league setup man or even closer for now but with the caveat that there is some significant long-term starting potential too.  He will most certainly get his repetitions and chances as a starting pitcher coming up through the minor leagues, it will be up to him to respond.  He has a high ceiling in a couple of different roles.

ETA. 2018. The Yankees seemingly plan on grooming Carter as a starting pitcher.  He most likely will start the 2016 season in the low-A Charleston starting rotation but he also has the kind of stuff to move relatively quickly once he sustains some success.  It wouldn't be surprising to see a mid-season promotion to high-A Tampa and accumulating some Double-A time later in the year is not out of the question either.

2015 Staten Island 1 1 0 17.2 12 9 13 2.04

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