Luis Torrens, out all of 2015 with labrum surgery, is still rehabbing his way back in 2016.

TAMPA, FL -- After missing all of last season due to an injury in his right shoulder, catching prospect Luis Torrens is almost ready to get back out on the field again. Torrens had surgery to repair the torn labrum in his right shoulder a little over a year ago and the recently turned twenty-year old has been recovering ever since.

Despite the major setback towards the end of Spring Training a year ago, Torrens took his recovery time and turned it into the most positive situation possible. Working out as often as he could and focusing on other areas of his body helped the Venezuela native stay as psychically fit as possible.

“Even though I missed a lot of time I tried to stay in shape and do as much as I could with my legs, and just try and stay in baseball shape as much as I could with the limited amount of exercises I was allowed to do,” Torrens said through the help of a translator.

Torrens, despite his limited experience thus far in the long-season leagues, has consistently wowed many.   During his debut season in 2013 he threw out an impressive 45 percent of would-be base stealers in the Gulf Coast League.  He also hit .241 that year too. So impressed with the young prospect the organization quickly moved him up to low-A Charleston with high exceptions but that's when the shoulder initially began to hurt.

He played through the injury initially, hitting just .154 in nine games for the RiverDogs but drawing six walks, and then hit .270 with 18 extra-base hits for the Staten Island Yankees after trying to rehab himself through the injury.

Torrens did not play again at all during the 2015 season but he did make an appearance at the 2015 Florida Instructional league. He did not catch during his time at Instructs, although he was used as a designated hitter to get his feet wet again before jumping in too quickly.

“It was a good middle ground for when I didn’t get to play for a long time,” Torrens said. “It reminded me of how much I miss it. I’m just working on getting better so I can get back out there.”

Torrens used all of the missed time last season to fuel himself to get into the best shape possible for the 2016 camp. He spent a lot of time focusing on building muscle and gaining strength so he wouldn’t come back too far behind.

“I had a lot of time to get ready," he said.  "I workout in Venezuela and then here before Spring Training started so I feel ready to play."

Torrens did participate in Spring Training this year as well, at least initially, and by all reports looked fantastic.  Unfortunately, however, he did start to feel pain in his shoulder again which forced him to stop playing in order to give his arm more time to heal.  Seemingly once a lock to break camp with low-A Charleston again when camp started, his slower healing shoulder derailed those plans.

Despite being held back by his injury once again, Torrens liked the way he reported for Spring Training physically.

“It was good but I started feeling a little discomfort,” Torrens admitted. “Other than that I felt good hitting and the shape I reported in.”

Although Torrens is once again on the bench for a little while longer, he remains positive. Right now, according to Torrens, from the way his recovery is going he is looking at another two months before he can play again.

“At first I was disappointed but after that I came to my senses that I know it’s a process after the surgery hassle and sometimes this happens,” Torrens said. “And it’s just part of the process to getting back out there on the field and I’m doing whatever I can to get back on the field."

Yankees staff like hitting coach Edwar Gonzalez know just how much potential Torrens truly has despite being out for so long with his shoulder injury. Gonzalez has been working with Torrens since he was 16 years old and he’s just excited to see Torrens back on the field again.

“I hope he plays," Gonzalez said. "I’m not worried about stats or anything, I just want him back on the field."

Gonzalez said that the injury may even be a positive thing for Torrens. As Torrens moves closer and closer to finally getting the green light to start hitting again, Gonzalez said that this bump in the road has made Torrens appreciate the opportunity he has here even more.

“He’s even better since he got hurt, he appreciates it more now that he got hurt,” Gonzalez said.

Moving forward, nearly everyone knows that Torrens can having a major impact on whatever team he plays for when he’s finally ready to go again for one major reason, he’s exceptional on both sides of the game.

“I think he can impact the game from both sides,” Gonzalez said. “He’s a good hitter, he’s a smart hitter, he’s very athletic and good at catching the ball.”

As the Extended Spring Training is winding to an end and the 2016 season is about to begin, Torrens feels confident and is just waiting to get back out there. Torrens plans on putting this setback behind him and focusing on the road ahead to get back to the level he was at before his injury and beyond.

“I’ve been feeling goof and I know everything is going to go well after this minor setback,” Torrens concluded.

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