Trey Amburgey, out with a hamstring injury since April, is ready for the long-season leagues again.

TAMPA, FL -- Looking to bounce back from a hamstring injury suffered earlier this season, outfielder Trey Amburgey is determined to continue to improve and return to play in the long-season leagues again as soon as possible.

Amburgey got off to a great start in Charleston to begin the season, hitting .281 with ten extra-base hits in his first 16 games before going down with an injury.  He was caught by surprise when he was informed of this hamstring injury. But, he did expect the worse, thinking he may have torn his hamstring.

“I've never had a hamstring injury before, so I didn't know what to expect,” Amburgey said. “I figured it was torn, but thankfully it wasn't; I thought the worst, then I went to the doctor the next day and they gave me good news.”

During the 2015 season, which was Amburgey’s first professional year, he was a force to be reckoned with, finishing with a .346 overall batting average and 21 stolen bases. Coming off a productive offseason, the last thing Amburgey expected was a hamstring injury.

“I was actually doing pretty well at the time and then unfortunately I got hurt,” Amburgey said.

During his 2015 season, Amburgey showed that he is a very talented base stealer and he is hoping to get back to this caliber of play after his rehab assignment.

Amburgey was first put on the 7-day disabled list while in Charleston then transferred to the Gulf Coast League Yankees because of his injury for a rehab assignment. His first game back from his injury was on June 27th.

“It's been a struggle not being able to play, I think everyone around me knows that,” Amburgey said. “It got to the point to where I did my conditioning test, passed it and was cleared to play again and everyone just gave me a hug. It's good to be back.”

In addition to his injury, Amburgey was caught off-guard with how long the rehab process would take due to a setback where he re-injured his hamstring. However, this setback has made him work even harder and he feels good despite the injury and the setback. He also continued his rehab efforts normally despite re-injuring his hamstring.

“I caught a setback doing conditioning drills, I re-injured it but I'm better now,” Amburgey said. “I didn't stop doing anything after I re-injured it I just kept hitting, throwing, all that, just that a limited pace.”

Amburgey is transition well, and beginning to regain his feel at the plate. He continues to be hopeful and optimistic while making strides to having the same success that he had in 2015. Amburgey is improving at the plate, although he isn’t 100 percent yet with his timing.

“I feel good (at the plate), got to get back to seeing a lot of pitching again,” Amburgey said. “It's a different speed going from sim games to the real games. Timing is getting back, it's not quite there but it's almost there.”

Physically, Amburgey stopped feeling pain in his hamstring although he is still not 100 percent, but he continues to progress and get better.

Amburgey’s teammate in the Gulf Coast League, Donny Sands sees that Amburgey is getting more and more comfortable game by game.

“He looks good, he looks great, he looks comfortable, looks ready to go,” Sands said.

At the end of the day Amburgey will always be ready to play, whether it’s for Charleston, Tampa, or in the Gulf Coast League. Although he is hoping to continue on in the long-season leagues sometime soon.

“I'm ready to be back playing, whenever they let me, I'm ready to go," Amburgey concluded.

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