Domingo German has been shaking off the rust in his first three rehab starts.

CHARLESTON, SC -- In a trade with the Miami Marlins in December of 2014, the New York Yankees received right-hander Domingo German from the Dominican Republic. He came to New York as part of a five-player trade that brought over Nathan Eovaldi too. He didn't make his official Yankee organization debut until this year, however, as he missed all of last season with Tommy John surgery.

German came off of missing the entire last season after undergoing Tommy John surgery but before that he was rated as the sixth-best prospect in the Marlins’ farm system. Before coming to Charleston in late June he posted a 2.33 ERA in 293.2 minor league innings in 77 games. He struck out 286 batters while walking 91 batters.

He has only pitched in three games so far this season with Charleston and during those outings posted a 5.40 ERA in 15 innings pitched. It clearly is not his best work, but he is making the necessary adjustments, especially after missing so much time due to his injury.

“It’s hard," German said through the help of a translator. "I struggled a lot with my injury but I’m ready to play and feel confident."

Charleston manager Luis Dorante and pitching coach Justin Pope both admitted that they don’t know much about this ball player seeing he has missed as much time as he has in the past two years but are willing and ready to work with him in anyway they can.

“For him I think it is all about being healthy. Coming out of Tommy John surgery is not easy at all, but before that he was a special kid. He just needs to find that [groove] again,” Dorante mentioned.

“In his debut, he looked okay," pitching coach Justin Pope said. "I don’t think he was as sharp as he usually is, but that is probably as expected because it’s his real first game back since his injury. He was out for such a long time and coming back like that is never easy, but I think he did okay.

"The other day he looked really good in the bullpen so it will be interesting to see how he does in his next few outings compared to his start.”

Being such a new prospect in this Yankees system, it is hard to gauge how he is going to fit into this team and future teams going forward but everyone is optimistic.

“Facing hitters here is a lot different than in Extended Spring Training which is where he was before," Dorante said. "You come up here and you have fans in the stands and lights and the completely different atmosphere, so it is a hard adjustment, but everyone was pleased with his first outing,”

He gave up five earned runs in four innings in his first start of the season and has adjusted slowly since then, allowing four earned runs combined in his last two starts, spanning eleven innings, and he believes once he shakes off the rust that he can pick up where he left off before his injury.

“I just need to work on my command and once I can get that under control I think I will be great,” German said confidently.

The Tommy John surgery clearly had a large effect on his game in the early going but he should not be worried or shaken. As Dorante noted, this kid was special before his surgery. If he is whom everyone thought he was when he first was in the Marlins organization then he will be turning heads in no time for sure.

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