Here's a scouting report on Pulaski Yankees third baseman Dermis Garcia.

The Yankees signed third baseman Dermis Garcia out of the Dominican Republic in 2014 for a reported $3.2 million. Signed for his special top-shelf power potential, that power was on full display in his first full season last year.

Vital Statistics:
Name: Dermis Garcia
Position: Third Base
DOB: January 7, 1998
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200
Bats: Right
Throws: Right

Batting and Power. Garcia's signature calling card is his plus power.  It's not just plus long-term power potential either, it's a plus tool already already after clubbing 13 home runs in less than 200 at-bats last year and he just turned 19 years old in January, and that in itself is so rare these days.  It isn't just pull power either, it's plus power to all fields.  In fact, given his now plus power it stands to reason that it could be a plus-plus tool once it's all said and done after he learns to maximize his hitting potential.  Just a .194 hitter two years into his professional career, his lower-than-Mendoza batting line doesn't do his long-term hitting ability any justice.  With a loose swing, an advanced patient approach, and an ability to use the whole field he has the foundation in place to be a solid hitter for average someday.  However, because he can do some special things power-wise he often finds himself trying to murder balls 500 feet to show off that great power when he's better served staying short to the ball [something he has the ability to do when he focuses on that] and just letting his natural power take over.  Learning to fight that temptation of swinging out of his shoes is what is needed more than anything to become the solid hitter he could be someday.

Base Running and Speed. As his special power would suggest Garcia is built like a slugger.  But while he has some solid agility and decent speed for somebody his size in his teenage years, and therefore could swipe a base here and there as he climbs the minor league ladder, the fact is he doesn't project to be much of an impact runner down the road.  Don't expect anything more than a couple of stolen bases over the course of a season, if that. 

Defense. Garcia gets a little unfairly knocked by critics for his defense when the fact is he's still a teenager trying to learn the nuances of a new position.  A former amateur shortstop, he's been working hard making the transition.  Aiding his long-term prognosis of sticking at the position is his plus arm strength.  He has a rocket for an arm but that in itself can get him into trouble early on his career as he can rely on that arm strength a bit too much, sometimes making throws he shouldn't be making.  He shows decent feet around the bag and okay range, enough for him to be a solid defender down the road as he continues to gain experience, but constantly keeping up on his conditioning now and for his remaining playing days is absolutely needed for him to stick there.  He has the arm strength to move to right field if need be and that's where most scouts envision him landing position-wise down the road, but there's enough there defensively at third that he can't be moved there just yet. 

Projection. More so than most teenage ball players, there's no mixing words....Garcia is already a special slugger, the kind that absolutely should hit somewhere in the heart of a big league batting order someday.  While most young prospects have to wait on that power to develop, Garcia is way, way ahead of the game in that regard.  However, as easily it is to project Garcia becoming one of the game's elite sluggers, how Garcia develops in the other areas of his game still remains a wait and see proposal.  He has the tools to be a good hitter -- patience, bat speed, some plate discipline and pitch recognition, and an ability to use the whole field -- but will he be able to put in the work and make the mental leap needed to become the more consistent hitter he needs to be to maximize his special power?  Nobody knows just yet.  And will he put the needed work in the gym and in the field to continuously hone his body and improve his defensive game to stick at third?  That answer won't be known for some time either.  There's a lot of work to do on his end to figure out where he slides into an eventual big league roster both positionally and batting order-wise, but there's also the chance he could be special in all regards too. Offensively he compares somewhat to Miguel Sano of the Minnesota Twins, somebody known more for his offensive potential than defensive prowess, but he can't rest solely on his power to meet that projection either.

ETA. N/A. Garcia's current game could take a number of directions short-term too.  He definitely has the kind of power that should be tested in the long-season leagues just as soon as possible but he also has enough work to do both refining his offensive approach and tweaking his defensive game that some more time in Extended Spring Training before breaking camp in Staten Island might not be a bad idea either.  It's a proverbial coin flip as to where he'll begin the 2017 season; it'll just depend on how much the Yankees want to push the 19-year old at this stage in his career.

2016 Pulaski .206 194 9 13 24 31 32 79 0 .326 .454 .780
2015 GCL Yankees .159 69 2 0 6 11 9 25 0 .256 .188 .445

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