Not just yet Top 20 prospects from the Yankees Dominican Academy, here are some more to keep an eye on.

We had nearly 30 players considered for our Top 20 DSL Yankee Prospects rankings. For those who barely missed the "Top 20", they have not been forgotten. As we take a look at the near misses we'll analyze how close they came, where they might rank next season and why they missed the list altogether. Now, let's look "Beyond the Top 20."

OF, Christian Andrade: Signed just last summer, this Venezuelan native already shows the kind of advanced hit-ability that could allow his rather average tools to play a bit more consistently as he makes his way through the minor leagues.  Already conjuring up images of a young Ramon Flores type for the advanced hitting approach, like Flores his tools are pretty much average across the board; speed and power most notably.  With that in mind his ceiling appears to be more of a left fielder type and there's little margin for error in that pigeon-hole projection so he'll have to hit his way up the minor league ranks. The good news is he appears equipped to potentially do just that. 

1B, Nelson Alvarez: The cousin of big leaguer Pedro Alvarez, Nelson is nearly the polar opposite of his kin.  Standing 6-foot-3 and a rock solid 210 pounds, Alvarez shows considerably less power than Pedro and a bit more natural hit-ability.  In fact, with a solid defensive game too, Alvarez is a very well-rounded player.  However, first base is known for being a power-hitting position and this Alvarez's power, while showing some flashes of potentially being an average or better tool, doesn't exactly profile well at a corner spot.  He'll need to hit his way up the minor league ladder and hope the power emerges more.

C, Gustavo Campero: One of the 'sleeper' signings from 2016, this switch-hitting catcher from Colombia is already getting team officials to sit up and take notice of his entire game.  He'sa spark plug, standing just 5-foot-7 but already clocking some impressive running times and showing the kind of top-shelf athleticism that could help him develop into one of the better defensive backstops around.  He shows above average to plus arm strength, above average speed, good hands, and has solid hit-ability from both sides of the plate.  Not exactly big, however, his power is limited to more of the gap variety but his all-out hustle style of play and whole game package is reminiscent of a young Francisco Cervelli type, albeit a switch-hitting version.

RHP, Pedro Espinola: Signed in 2015, this Dominican native still has yet to throw a pitch in an official minor league game yet after receiving Tommy John surgery essentially right after signing with the Yankees.  Standing 6-foot-3 with wide shoulders, team officials are intrigued by his big, projectable body.  He's about to turn 21 years old [on February 1st] and still hasn't pitched, and that makes him one of the bigger Major League longshots at the Dominican Academy right now. but the early looks in his rehab has some excitement brewing around him.  He may not be Top 20 material just yet but he's barely on the outside looking in.

RHP, Deivi Garcia: Signed in 2015, this Dominican native had a very impressive debut season last year, posting 2.61 ERA in twelve Dominican Summer League starts with 61 strikeouts in just 48.1 innings.  An advanced pitch-ability guy, he actually has a good fastball too, sitting more in the 91-92 mph range and popping some 94s.  However, standing just 5-foot-9 and weighing around 155, there isn't a whole lot of projection to his game either and his smaller frame does come with heightened injury risks given how hard he throws for his size.  He's a high makeup, professional demeanor hurler who knows how to pitch so he may dominate his way through the lowest minor league levels for now but the long-term ceiling is pretty limited.

C, Ysaac Pena: Signed last summer, this Dominican native [in the photo above] most likely would have been Top 20 material already had it not been for his smaller size.  Standing just 5-foot-9, Pena already has some long-term intrigue; plus arm strength, average or better power potential from the left side, one who shows advanced hit-ability.  However, his smaller size does put a cap on his ceiling and, a converted infielder, he is so new to catching [a defense-first position] that he simply isn't ready to be considered one of the top prospects just yet.  That doesn't mean he can't be someday, he just needs a lot more experience and game reps to get there.  For now he's a sure-fire 'sleeper'.

RHP, Anderson Reynoso: Signed in 2015, this Dominican native is already drawing some Ivan Nova comparisons for his combination of size [6-foot-4 already], stuff [fastball up to 95 mph, potentially a plus curveball, and a quality changeup], and pitch-ability [nearly as many strikeouts as innings pitched].  He throws a ton of strikes too and that makes him very, very intriguing.  Certainly a Top 20 talent, it may not be long before Reynoso becomes one of the better pitching prospects for the Yankees.

OF, Alexander Santana: Signed just last summer, this Venezuelan native enters the professional ranks with an advanced feel for hitting.  A right-handed batter, team officials already love the approach and what has some excited is his very projectable frame, the kind that could add significant power in the coming years.  In fact, it's the kind of body where some scouts could envision an already strong arm getting stronger too.  More of a corner outfielder type long-term perhaps because the speed is more average, there is some potential excitement with Santana if things break right down the road.

C, Miguel Torres: Another 2016 signing, this Venezuelan catcher enters the professional ranks known as more of a defense-first guy with some intriguing hit-ability.  Extremely athletic, team officials believe he has the chance to develop into one of the better defensive backstops and he conjures up images of a young Jason Lopez type.  Like Lopez it may take some time for the bat to catch up to his defensive game.

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