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We sat down with Yankees co-pitching coordinator Danny Borrell for a Q&A session.

We sat down with Yankees' minor league pitching coordinator Danny Borrell for a Q&A session. In part three of this multi-part series to be released in the coming weeks we get his initial thoughts on J.P Feyereisen, if Daniel Camarena can be as effective someday in the big leagues, what kind of stuff he's seen from Ronald Herrera, who his breakout prospect is for 2017, and much, much more!. Talk about one of the newest pitchers to the organization, J.P Feyereisen.  Talk about the stuff, the arm.  What have you seen in the early going?

Borrell: He went to Instructs to work on his changeup.  He now has a solid average changeup to go along with the plus slider and the plus fastball that has a little cut to it too.  He's a great competitor, a great kid, a great personality.  He wants the ball in every situation.  He's in camp and hopefully he'll open up some eyes over here and make himself an opportunity in New York. Let's move on to Daniel Camarena.  I realize in this day and age of power arms he's not the sexy prospect anymore but he does what he does and that's get outs consistently.  Talk about where his game and stuff are today.

Borrell: You know he used to be an 86-89 mph guy but last year he spent the whole year dealing 89-94 mph.  He averaged just north of 90 mph on his fastball, he has excellent fastball command to both sides of the plate, he has a plus changeup, he added a slider -- he's had it but he actually used it in game action -- and he's got a nice curveball.  So he's got a four-pitch package, he's lefty, he's smart, he does all the small things correctly, and just like the other four-pitch lefties we've got it's a nice problem to have.  I love it. Because he doesn't average 95 mph like a Chance Adams or whatever, he gets overlooked by the fans and the media as a viable long-term possibility in the Yankee rotation.  Do you see him having a big league future?

Borrell: Oh without a doubt.  This kid's got all the intangibles and when you add that to the fact that he did increase velocity to his game from the previous season it's a pitch-ability guy with the ability to throw harder.  He's always performed, he had a great season last year, and I don't expect anything different going forward.  He's in Major League camp right now opening eyes and guys love him.  I wouldn't expect anything less. You know another guy who gets lost in the shuffle even though he was added to the 40-man roster is Ronald Herrera.  He's another guy who, in my opinion, has some seriously underrated stuff.  Talk about that stuff.

Borrell: He's low to mid-90s, two-seam and four-seam, and at his best he commands both sides of the plate.  This kid's 21 [years old] and he was in Double-A all last season.  He has three breaking balls -- a curveball, a slider, and a little cutter -- and he has a changeup, so he obviously has some pitch-ability in him.  Great kid too.  That was a nice little trade our scouts made [in the Jose Pirela deal].  I expect more of the same this year. He's a little bit Daniel Camarena-like, no?  But from the right side?

Borrell: Yeah a little bit but he may have even more power.  I've seen him up to 97 mph.  He certainly won't sit 97 mph but it's in there. On the subject of throwing hard, let's move on to Cale Coshow as he does throw extremely hard.  He took a step back this past year it seems, at least numbers-wise. 

Borrell:  Yeah numbers-wise I'm sure if you talked to him he'd say he was disappointed with his season but he went from reliever to starter to back to reliever so I think he was just trying to find himself as a pitcher.  I think he's back in the role where he needs to be and that's just a power reliever who goes out there in the upper-90s and hits 100 [mph], throw in that nice little slider, and just go after guys.  I think that fits his personality. So you feel like with that transition going back to the bullpen role now out of the way that he'll be a lot more comfortable this coming season and go back to his more effective ways?

Borrell: Oh yeah, he's ready to roll.  I've talked to him several times throughout the offseason and he's just ready to get going, and to show us that last year was just a little glitch in the radar. Let's move on to Will Carter [in the photo above].  You were big on him a year ago and then got hurt almost immediately.  Talk about what you saw though when he did come back in the second half.

Borrell: Yeah he just had that little scope out with the elbow but he's ready [this year].  It was a very minor surgery [a year ago].  Stuff-wise I don't know if you can find anyone better, minor leagues or big leagues.  It's very tough to find a pitch package that this kid possesses.  Two-seam, curveball, slider, changeup and heck he made it up to Double-A in his first full season and was not overmatched.  He was probably a bit unlucky just because of the amount of ground balls he does generate with his fastball.  He's 93-98 mph, he spins his curveball extremely well, he started bringing in the slider at the end of the season and that's already showing to be a plus pitch, it'll be a nice compliment to his two-seam, and his changeup is a power changeup in the mid to upper-80s. A year ago he was your breakout candidate but then got hurt.  Is he your breakout candidate again this year?

Borrell: Am I allowed to have him twice in a row?  Then yes! You know we're talking about these 'sleeper' pitching prospects like Carter and Herrera, and Travis Hissong is yet another one who flies under the radar due to the overwhelming depth you guys have and yet he's got some quality stuff it seems.  Talk about his stuff.

Borrell: All he's ever done is performed and now he's got a little velo behind him.  He's 92-94 mph, it's a plus slider, a plus changeup, and everywhere he's been he's performed.  He's done a tremendous job.  What great perseverance by this kid so I'm really happy for him. Again, considering his pitch package is it tempting to move him into the rotation?

Borrell: Again, I think he's found a nice little niche for himself and I think he's very comfortable doing that, and he's performed doing that so the confidence level being as high as it is he is where he needs to be.

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