Offseason Questions

As the World Series looms just around the corner, the end of the 2003 series draws nearer. Once the season is over, the Yankees will have a lot of decisions to make concerning their roster, not the least of which will be what the pitching rotation will look like. The Insiders have the inside scoop on how the Yanks will work things out with Andy Pettitte and David Wells.

The Yankees say they will wait until after the playoffs before addressing their myriad of offseason issues, and whether they win or lose, they will be busy.

Should they lose, there's always speculation owner George Steinbrenner will look for scapegoats and go after manager Joe Torre, who'll make $5 million next season, and general manager Brian Cashman, who'll make $1.15 million.

Steinbrenner said Torre is safe, but he hasn't made the same commitment to Cashman.

The Yankees' biggest offseason decision will be whether to re-sign left-hander Andy Pettitte, 21-8 with a 4.02 ERA this season and winner of his first two postseason starts.

With Roger Clemens' retirement and the uncertainty over David Wells' return, Jon Lieber's rehab, and what Jose Contreras can give them over a complete season, Pettitte is a must-sign.

For all the talk about adding a high-profile, high-priced bat such as Vladimir Guerrero, if the Yankees don't bring back Pettitte they figure to have serious pitching problems next season.

The catch, however, is that Pettitte, although sound this year, has had previous elbow problems, and the team might be hesitant on a deal exceeding three years.

Wells was 15-7, but at 40 and having experienced back problems in the second half, he's a question.

Wells beat the Red Sox in game five of the ALCS against Boston and he also defeated the Twins in the ALDS clincher. Despite his clashes with management, should the Yankees run the table and win the World Series there's a possibility he could come back.

But those are all questions for another day, the Yankees have to handle the Florida Marlins first.

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