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Yankee rumors galore!

Player The Scoop

SP, David Wells
12.31.2003 - According to the New York Post, Wells has accepted an offer from the San Diego Padres and will return home instead of signing a minor-league deal with the Yankees.  The Padres have offered him one year at $1.5 million with incentives that could bring it up over $3 million.  The Yankees were offering him less money and only a minor-league deal.

FA Type: A (offered arbitration)

1B, Tony Clark
12.31.2003 - With their final hole being a backup first baseman to replace Nick Johnson, the Yankees have their sights set on Tony Clark, according to Newsday.  Apparently, the deal is close to being done and Clark's switch-hitting bat will come off the bench.  If Clark doesn't sign, other options include Eric Karros, Todd Zeile and Wil Cordero.

OF, Kenny Lofton
12.23.2003 - Lofton is officially a Yankee, finally. 

FA Type: B (not offered arbitration)
Status: Signed by Yankees (2 years, $6.2 mil)

OF, Vladimir Guerrero
12.23.2003 - With Miguel Tejada and Javy Lopez already on board in Baltimore, the Orioles have set their sights on Guerrero.  He would be the final piece to their offensive puzzle, and they seem to be the only team seriously interested in the slugger.

FA Type: A (not offered arbitration)

SP, Roger Clemens
12.23.2003 - Clemens stated that the only team he would consider coming out of retirement to pitch for would be the Astros.  He said this after the Texas Rangers offered to bring Clemens in for 2004.  

FA Type: A (not offered arbitration/retired)

OF, Gary Sheffield

12.18.2003 - Gary Sheffield is finally a Yankee, officially.  After weeks of speculation, the Yanks held a press conference to introduce their new big bat on Wednesday.

FA Type: A (not offered arbitration)
Status: Signed by Yankees (3 years, $39 mil)

SP, Sidney Ponson
12.18.2003 - Ponson has agreed to a three-year, $18 million deal with the White Sox.  Still not official, Ponson is off the Yankee's radar, if he was ever on it.

FA Type: A (not offered arbitration)

RP, Arthur Rhodes
12.18.2003 - Rhodes has reportedly agreed to sign on with the Athletics to be their closer in 2004.  The lefty will not be joining the Yankees bullpen next season.

FA Type: A (not offered arbitration)
Status: Signed by Athletics (3 years, $9.2 mil)

1B, Scott Spiezio
12.18.2003 - Spiezio was signed by the Seattle Mariners to be their third baseman for next season and beyond.  This means Jeff Cirillo's days are numbered, and he might be heading to the Mets.

FA Type: B (not offered arbitration)
Status: Signed by Mariners (3 years, $9 mil)

SP, Kevin Brown
12.13.2003 - This deal is officially completed after LA agreed to pay the "air travel" clause of Brown's contract.  Brown will be the Yankees' #3 starter in 2004.

FA Type: N/A
Status: Traded to the Yankees for Jeff Weaver, Yhency Brazoban, Brandon Weeden and cash

SP, Andy Pettitte
12.11.2003 - Bye bye Andy.  The Yankees dropped the ball on this one apparently, though who's to say Pettitte values money over pitching at home?  One problem here:  Only four players left on the roster that won in 1996.  Bigger problem: Who fills Pettitte's shoes?

FA Type: A (offered arbitration)
Status: Signed by Astros (3 years, $31.5 mil)

SP, Greg Maddux
12.11.2003 - Maddux' name has been tossed around by some members of the media (most notably as a possible replacement for the now-Houstonized Pettitte.  Maddux refused to sign with the Yankees in 1993, and has expressed more of an interest in playing on the West Coast.  But the possibility exists.

FA Type: A (not offered arbitration)

SP, Bartolo Colon
12.9.2003 - After almost no discussion or hype, Colon has signed with the Anaheim Angels for four years and $48 million.  With the list of available free agent pitchers dwindling, the Yankees will be even more pressed to re-sign Andy Pettitte.

FA Type: A (offered arbitration)
Status: Signed by the Angels (4 years, $48 mil)

RP,Shigetoshi Hasegawa
12.7.2003 - Hasegawa has told the Yomiuri Shimbun that he has received an offer from the Yankees, not to mention almost every other team in baseball.  Hasegawa has expressed an interest in returning to Japan, but he would be a great addition to the Yankee bullpen.

FA Type: A
Status: Re-Signed by the Mariners (2 years, $6.3 mil)

SP, Javier Vazquez
12.4.2003 - This one's done.  Click here for more

FA Type: N/A
Status: Traded to the Yankees for Nick Johnson, Juan Rivera and Randy Choate.

RP, Felix Heredia
12.3.2003 - Heredia is close to re-signing with the Yankees for a two-year, $3.5 million deal.

FA Type: B
Status: Re-Signed by the Yankees (2 years, $3.5 mil)

RP, Paul Quantrill
12.2.2003 - The Yankees are apparently interested in the Dodger reliever to help rebuild their bullpen.

FA Type: A
Status: Signed by Yankees on 12.3.2003 (2 years, $6.8 mil)

RP, Tom Gordon
12.1.2003 - The Yankees are close to signing the reliever known as Flash.  Gordon's deal is reported to be worth $7 million over two years.

FA Type: A
Status: Signed by Yankees on 12.1.2003 (2 Years, $7.25 mil)

Explanation of Free Agent Types:
Free agents are cast into three different categories, or levels depending on their relative rank among other free agents of the same position with regard to their performance over the last few seasons.  Type A free agents are supposedly the "best", with type C being the "not best".  The FA type dictates what kind of compensation the player's old team receives if the player signs with a new team as follows:
Type A: The players' old team receives a first-round draft pick (if the pick is after pick 15) from the team the player signs with and a supplemental first-round pick, if the team offers the player arbitration.  If the player signs before the deadline for teams to offer arbitration (December 7), then the old team automatically receives the draft picks.
Type B: The players' old team receives a first or second-round draft pick depending on the same criteria above.
Type C: The players' old team receives a second-round compensation pick.
If a team signs more than one free agent, the team that lost the higher-ranked player gets priority in compensation.

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