ITN: Prospect Analysis #20, Timothy Battle

Looking for another way to check out all the best Yankee Prospects? With complete statistic analysis, you will get a new angle on the Yankee Farm System that will cover the Top 21 Yankee Hitting Prospects. Using the sophisticated science of a statistically based player rating system, the players will be broken down and analyzed with the greatest extent. Now, let's get "Inside the Numbers" with Yankee outfielding prospect Tim Battle.

Now it's time to take a long, hard look through a statistical angle at 2003 Gulf Coast Yankee outfielder Tim Battle. In doing so, an extensive analysis will follow and typical and many times overlooked statistics will be translated into a complete, highly detailed player rating. Now, lets dive into a statistical view of another Yankee farmhand and further breakdown the forthcoming prospect rating of Tim Battle.

Prospect Rating = 5.39

When Tim battle was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 3rd round of the 2003 draft, many would have expected for him to have a much higher prospect rating than he has earned to this point. He struggled mightily in his first season in the Yankee organization and his prospect rating reflects it. However, his overall projected ability and small body of work helped his case to keep his rating within respectability. This season could be a make or break type of season for Tm Battle. If he is able to put together a season that scouts believe that he is capable of, his rating will skyrocket, but if he has a repeat of 2003 just the opposite will happen.

Statistical Analysis

Now that we have a basic idea of the weight and actual value of Tim Battle's prospect rating, let's take a look at how and exactly why he received it.

OPS/Batting Average/OBP/ HR and RBI Percentages. With the type of season that Tim Battle had, there were very few bright spots in any of the offensive statistical categories. He had a dismal year in just about every offensive category, but still has high expectations pinned on him because of his small amount of playing time in 2003 and because he is still very young. Over the span of last year, Battle compiled a lowly 525 OPS to go along with his anemic .208 batting average. His OBP was just as bad too, as it stood at only .270 in 106 at bats. As for his home run and RBI totals, they really show the fact that his statistics are a bit skewed because of a lack of at bats. He only had 5 RBI to go along with no home runs. Now let's take a closer look at how each of these categories affected his overall prospect rating. The OPS of a prospect weighs quite heavily into this formula and no matter the number of at bats, it greatly hurt the rating of Tim Battle. As a result of this, he will have to prove himself in a full 2004 season that he can be a productive hitter. This also applies in all of the other offensive categories as well. Since he is a highly touted prospect, his opportunity in terms of at bats will increase greatly next season. If he is successful in his offensive statistics especially he has an excellent opportunity to leap frog many other prospects towards the top of our statistical performance output based list.

Speed/Baserunning and Rate of Opportunity. Perhaps the most impressive part of Tm Battle's game in 2003 and maybe one of his only bright spots was his speed and baserunning. In only a limited amount of playing time, Battle stole 5 bases in only 6 attempts.This comes out to an impressive success rate of 83%. If not for his incredibly low on base percentage, it is more than possible that Battle could have racked up more stolen bases therefore proving that he can still succeed with his speed even when the rest of his offense is not what it should be. These reasons support the fact that this helped his overall rating significantly despite his low Rate of Oppportunity to succeed. His statistics show quite clearly that base stealing and speed will always be an advocate to Tim Battle and will greatly aid his prospect rating.

Expected Age versus Actual Age. As for how the age of Tim Battle last season affected his overall player rating, it had almost no affect in this case.The expected age for Rookie League (GCL) is 18 and Battle fit that description exactly. So basically, his age factored into his rating ever so slightly but overall did not make any important changes to it.However, if he lives up to his potential, he could move as high as A ball next season and that would greatly alter his rating in an extremely positive way.

Tim Battle Organizational Level - Rookie League (GCL)
Tim Battle 2003 Age - 18
Expected Age for Player in Rookie League - 18/19

Age Analysis

In this particular player case, there is not much to break down and dissect because of the fact that the expected age versus actual is almost a moot point because of the fact that this player meets the exact player age. However, one item that warrants some discussion is the possibility of where Tim Battle could be playing his season. It is possible that he could move as high as A ball next season where he would obviously help his rating to rise rapidly with the requirement that he performs well of course. Considering his talent level and his age next season (19), he could experience one of the most significant changes in his rating than any other prospect mostly due to his age.

Prospect Rating Summarization

Statistical Strengths. In regards to his best strengths as an all around ballplayer from a statistical standpoint, may of them do not come from his hitting. Battle had most of his success stealing bases at an 83% success rate. This area of speed and baserunning helped Battle greatly with his prospect rating and wil be able to keep him afloat if he continues to struggle with the bat in the 2004 season.

Statistical Weaknesses. In general, his statistical weaknesses were all hitting related. It was highly unexpected that he would hit as poorly as he did but either way his statistics were miles below what was expected. For the most part, offense is what killed Tim Battle's prospect rating in 2003.

Expectations for the Upcoming Year. Statistically speaking, there was a lot left to be desired from the 2003 season yet the expectations still exist for Tim Battle. If he perfroms well, puts up the expected numbers on offense and continues to perfrom on the bases and in the field, he could experience a monstrous jump in his prospect rating. His performance is expected to be on the rise this year and everyone is looking for the dismal statistics of 2003 to change into dazzling numbers that will create a superb output for a prospect rating in 2004.

Closing Analogy. The overall outlook for Tim Battle is still very foggy at this point even if it is based on pure numbers. Until he steps onto the field in 2004 and starts to compile a new collection of statistics, we will not know what his numbers will come out as in his hopefuly new and improved prospect rating. he is multi talented young player that only needs to finally put his skills together to create the statistics he is capable of.

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