Yankees Draft Day Review: Draft Class Overview

Monday was the day that Yankee diehards have been waiting for to see if their recently ridiculed farm system could receive a breath of fresh air from the newest crop of talent. Well, for those of you that fall into this category, your wish has come true. The Yankee draft was a smash hit on Monday as the baseball world agreed in unison that the choices were solid. Starting with phenom, high school pitcher, Phil Hughes as their first pick, the Yankees netted the best young talent.


Overall Pick





Philip Hughes


1 - Supplemental


Jon Potterson


1 - Supplemental


Jeff Marquez




Brett Smith




Christian Garcia




Jason Jones




Jesse Hoover




Nate Phillips




Alex Garabedian




Mike Martinez


This draft turned out to be, in the early rounds on this day one, for all intensive purposes perhaps the most productive draft that they have had in many years but the first look at the talent that they picked up. Scouts have raved at many of the smart picks they made including the big selection of Phil Hughes as their number one. As it was widely predicted, the Yankees went extremely pitching heavy in this draft as they selected seven right handed hurlers in their first ten picks. The only other positions the Yankee concerned themselves with was catcher, in which they selected two of in their first ten picks and a shortstop. From this draft alone, of course still pending the fact that these players perform up to their potential, the Yankees can no longer be criticized for being too conservative in the draft. In fact, their first two picks, Phil Hughes and Jon Potterson, the Yankees took two high schoolers, something that they have seemingly shied away from up until last year, starting with Eric Duncan. All of the first ten picks in the Yankee draft appear to have a bright future at the professional level but who exactly are these rising stars? Find out now.

1.) Phil Hughes. Position: RHP, DOB: 6/24/86. This is the guy that the Yankee have been targeting from the very beginning. Hughes is out of Foothill High School in California and he has become known as the main attraction there with his overpowering fastball to go along with a dominate slider and a solid changeup. He has become known for his amazing composure for such a young player and his control is almost unimaginable. Hughes became highly regarded as one of the most projectable High School pitchers to come along in a long time. The 6' 4" righthander walked only three batters in his entire 2004 high school season. With nasty stuff, composure and a superb mental makeup, he has just what it takes to be a success in New York. The 17 year old will, in all likelihood, start his New York Yankees career playing in the Gulf Coast League.

2.) Jon Potterson. Position: C, DOB: 2/10/86. Unlike the selection of Phil Hughes, this pick was much less hyped and publicized but perhaps just as important to the Yankee future. Potterson is yet another high school player in this draft crop and a product of the Yankees new found draft style. Potterson is an absolute monster at the plate and that is what he has become well known for. He is a rock built catcher and can produce massive power hitting. The 6' 1" backstop has a lightning fast stroke and drives with his legs towards the ball. He has a slight upper cut and gets good extension with plain raw power as well. Potterson appears to be a 30+ home run player on a full season pro level. For a high school player, his approach and swing are very polished. He can jump all over any pitch and to make it even better, he can crush home runs from each side of the plate. Known for his tremendous hitting and may not remain a catcher throughout his career. He, like Hughes should start his career in the Gulf Coast League.

3.) Jeff Marquez. Position: RHP, DOB: 8/10/84. The New York Yankees looked very deep to find Jeff Marquez as they snagged him out of Sacramento Community College. Right now, Marquez has a very slight, slender frame but has tons of room to fill himself out into a strong bodied pitcher. This will also help his velocity. Has a decent fastball as of now but has a good curveball with a slider. Throws right over the top in his delivery and gets excellent leverage with his curveball and sinking fastball as well. It appears that Marquez will be assigned to the Yankees short season A-ball affiliate, the Staten Island Yankees.

4.) Brett Smith. Position: RHP, DOB: 8/12/83. The Yankees looked to the college crop for this pick as they selected right handed pitcher, Brett Smith out of University of California-Irvine. Smith is a tall and very lanky figure on the mound that has not quite filled himself out yet. Brett Smith has excellent movement on his fastball and has learned to locate it very well. He has an excellent changeup that tumbles very late and fools the hitter. His curveball is major league material and also has a good slider. Considering the fact that Smith is out of college, he will likely be assigned to the Staten Island Yankees.

5.) Christian Garcia. Position: RHP, DOB: 8/24/85. This selection by the New York Yankees may very well be the sleeper pick for them in the entire draft. Garcia is a wiry figure on the mound with long arms and legs. His body is highly similar to that of Kevin Brown. Throws an incredibly hard, heavy sinking fastball to go along with a sharp breaking ball that dips down and away from a right handed hitter. Throws the ball with greatest of ease and the ball seems to explode out of his hand. He is a converted pitcher and has a very, very live arm with a high ceiling. Garcia should find himself in the Gulf Coast League this season.

6.) Jason Jones. Position: RHP, DOB: 11/20/82. In order to get this solid young right handed pitcher, the Yankees needed to dip into a smaller college, Liberty University. Jones is also a highly projectable pitcher that could have years of success ahead of him. Jones has nearly flawless mechanics with a free and easy delivery to home plate. He projects to have an above average fastball in the mid to low 90's. He busts the fastball inside and can saw a batter off. Uses his fastball very often. He also possesses a wicked slider that is murder on a right handed hitter. Jones seems that he will end up in Staten Island, Short Season A ball.

7.) Jesse Hoover. Position: RHP, DOB: 1/8/82. In this selection, the Yankees dipped back into the college crop as they turned to the Indiana Institute of Technology. They selected Jesse Hoover. Hoover has a strong upper body and produces excellent velocity. Usually is throwing in the low 90's with consistency and sometimes can touch 96 MPH. Is an excellent sinker/slider type of pitcher. Has a heavy sinker with a hammer curveball and a tumbling splitter. With a deep repertoire, his success could be great in the pros. In all likelihood, he will be assigned to the Short Season A-Ball Staten Island Yankees.

8.) Nate Phillips. Position: SS, DOB: 1/24/86/. The New York Yankees stayed right with the high school player trend as they took this promising young shortstop, Nate Phillips out of Grace Prep Academy. Even though he is a shortstop, he also has the ability to possibly pitch, throwing his fastball in the high 80's. With the bat, he can swing it from both sides of the plate with a quick stroke and explosive hands. His defense is outstanding with a strong throwing arm and excellent range. As another high school player, Phillips will most likely land himself with the Gulf Coast League Yankees.

9.) Alex Garabedian. Position: C, DOB: 8/26/85. The Yankees showed that for whatever reason this year that they were showing signs of wanting to stock up on catchers. They got another one in high schooler, Alex Garabedian. He has become known at his high school more so for his explosive bat than anything else. A Christopher Columbus High School, he showed his quick hands and raw power to all fields. He can hit the ball to any part of the ballpark and is a very aggressive hitter. Garabedian has a good catcher's body. He is solid with the glove behind the plate and makes a good backstop but needs to work on his throwing arm. Garabedian, pending that he does sign with the Yankees, will also be assigned to the Gulf Coast League Yankees.

10.) Mike Martinez. Position: RHP, DOB: 4/12/81. The New York Yankees continued their mass trend of selecting pitchers when they selected righthander, Mike Martinez. Martinez is a solid college starter out of California State Fullerton. He is not dazzling and does not project to be spectacular but he has a low 90's fastball to go along with a good breaking ball. Has decent control and appears to be a future backend of the rotation starter. He will likely be assigned to the Short Season A-Ball Staten Island Yankees.

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