PP Exclusive: Q&A with Jeff Marquez

There have been many highly publicized draftees for the Yankees in 2004 but one that has earned our attention is Staten Island righty, Jeff Marquez. The 41st Overall Pick in this year's draft pitched his way right out of the Gulf Coast and has faired well with Staten Island thus far. Some say he is much like a better version of Ramiro Mendoza while he considers himself more as a Mariano Rivera type. Now let's get to know a little more about him as PinstripesPlus.com chats with Jeff Marquez. 

PinstripesPlus: What does it mean to you to have been drafted by the New York Yankees?

Jeff Marquez: Well, the first thing is that they are the best organization. I'm very proud to be a Yankee. I'm prouder here then I would be with any other team. 

PP: You have been often compared to ex-Yankee, Ramiro Mendoza? Do you agree with that? If not, who would you best compare yourself to? 

JM: I'd like to be compared to Mariano Rivera

PP: Describe your repertoire and how you utilize each pitch?

JM: I pretty much just try to focus on the glove. Make the best pitch and keep the ball down, and just focus on each pitch. Going pitch by pitch.

PP: What pitches do you have?

JM: I have a two seam fastball, four seam fastball, changeup and a curveball.

PP: When do you think the turning point in your career was and how has it changed you for the better?

JM: Going to Sacramento Community College. There, I got the best help from my coaches. They helped me out a lot with my mechanics and weight training to help me become a better pitcher.

PP: For you, what is the most important thing to remember when you are on the mound?

JM: Making each pitch. It doesn't matter about the last pitch. You just have to remember to take it pitch by pitch to be successful.

PP: What do you think your strongest attribute is as a pitcher?

JM: I don't get down on myself if I make a bad pitch. I just try to come back and make the next pitch a better one than the last one. That's the important thing for me.

PP: What are your long term goals for your baseball career?

JM: Of course, to make it to the big show.

PP: Would you prefer to be a New York Yankee?

JM: Yes, definitely.

PP: Who has been the biggest influence on you and your career in baseball?

JM: My coaches at Sacramento Community College have had the biggest influence on my career.

PP: What advice would you have for a young player trying to become a pitcher?

JM: To work hard. Give it all you got. Don't ever get down on your self. If you think you aren't throwing hard, you just have to remember how important it is to throw strikes.

PP: What player did you idolize when you were young?

JM: Frank Thomas was my favorite.

PP: What do you do to prepare for each one of your starts?

JM: I go through my daily routine. I do my workouts. I get mentally prepared. I don't do anything but think about my start that day and just focus on what I have to do.

PP: In your own words, describe you general style of pitching. In other words, what is your approach to pitching?

JM: I'm not really a power pitcher. I like to use my changeup and my curveball a lot. I do like to come inside a lot with some hard stuff. My main thing is that I try to throw a lot of strikes. That's all I really do.

PP: Here is tough question. How would you go after Barry Bonds besides walking him? How would you pitch to him?

JM: I'd go at him with a fastball. No, just kidding. I'd probably throw him all changeups away from him and hope he just doesn't hit it.

PinstripesPlus.com would like to thank Jeff Marquez for taking the time and effort out of his schedule to answer out questions.

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