Q&A with Philip Hughes

Philip Hughes was taken in the first round, 23rd overall, by the Yankees in the 2004 amateur draft. The right-handed pitcher from Foothills High School in Santa Anna, California, quickly signed and was assigned to the Gulf Coast Yankees. We caught up with him minutes before the July 16th game vs the Braves and he was nice enough to agree to answer a few questions in a short Q&A session. <b>Free Preview of Premium Conent</b>

PinstripesPlus: Where is Santa Anna located?

Hughes: It's between Los Angeles and San Diego, closer to Anaheim.

PinstripesPlus: So which team were you a fan of growing up? A Dodgers fan, Angels fan, or a Padres fan?

Hughes: Neither. I was a Red Sox fan.

PinstripesPlus: How come?

Hughes: My Dad and most of his family are from Rhode Island. He was a Red Sox fan and every year I'll spend some time there so I guess it's kind of natural.

PinstripesPlus: So did it bother you that you were taken then by the Yankees?

Hughes: Not at all. They are a class organization with a long tradition of winning.

PinstripesPlus: It was mentioned in the papers that the Yankees spoke with you prior to the draft and you told them what it would take to for you to sign a pro contract. What other organizations did you talk to in the days prior to the draft?

Hughes: The Angels and the Phillies (Editor's Note: The Angels drafted 12th overall and took Jared Weaver a RHP from Long Beach St. The Phillies had the 21st overall and chose Gregg Golson an OF from John Connolly HS in Austin, TX)

PinstripesPlus: Did you sign with any 4-year colleges?

Hughes: Yes, with the University of California-Santa Clara.

PinstripesPlus: Every top college program was after you. Why Santa Clara?

Hughes: I took a number of visits to other campuses but Santa Clara was a Division I school. I liked the coaches and I really liked their campus.

PinstripesPlus: You've been shutdown right after your first start with elbow soreness. When will you pitch for the GCL Yankees?

Hughes: The Yankees shut me down as a precaution. The elbow is fine and I'll be throwing a bullpen session this Wednesday. I'll probably throw another and if everything is okay I'll be back in the rotation.

PinstripesPlus: Have you always been a pitcher?

Hughes: Ever since I was in Little League I always was a pitcher first. Like any kid, when I wasn't pitching I played other positions.

PinstripesPlus: When did you know that as a pitcher you were something special?

Hughes: In Junior High School. I was receiving lots of invitations to join traveling teams and tournaments.

PinstripesPlus: Who is your favorite pitcher?

Hughes: I really don't have any particular one or ones, I like them all you could say.

We would like to thank Philip Hughes for taking the time to answer some of our questions. Time was short prior to the game. Be sure to check back as we ask Philip more questions throughout the season and his career.

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