Silent But Deadly: Kevin Reese

If your just quiet enough, you might be able to hear Kevin Reese putting up monstrous statistics in 2004. But, the fact is that not too many people are listening. After a pedestrian 2003 season, it seems like nobody even noticed Kevin Reese this season as he pounded his way to a 50 double season between AA and AAA. Now, if the Yankees are looking for a reserve outfielder in 2005, why not Kevin Reese? Maybe the silence will finally be broken and someone will finally notice Kevin Reese.

Maybe, just maybe, the Yankees will finally notice Kevin Reese next year. But, don't just blame the Yankees, blame everyone in the baseball world. Even his roommate, David Shepard said "he always gets overlooked. He is used to it." Used to it or not, it is time for Kevin Reese to get the credit that he deserved. He started the season in AA where he was fantastic and was sent to AAA Columbus by mid season. Reese didn't miss a beat there and hit even better than he did in Trenton. Take a look at his totals for 2004. They are absolutely staggering.


*2004 Stats

Trenton 324 56 .298 37 4 6 40 23 48 13
Columbus 217 41 .323 13 3 8 28 12 34 4
Totals 541 97 .307 50 7 14 68 35 82 17



Now, can we even make a case that Kevin Reese deserved the role that Bubba Crosby held with the New York Yankees this year? If you ask me, this case can certainly be made. Reese has as good if not better, outfield skills, than Bubba and probably has more speed as well. One thing that Reese had a knack for in 2004 though was the extra base hit. He racked up 50 doubles, 14 home runs and 7 triples. All in total, he had an incredible 71 extra base hits. Not too shabby no matter how you look at it. By far, he was the most valuable player for the Trenton Thunder when he was there and he was just as important in the Columbus Clippers playoff drive.


Time will only tell but what kind of chance does Kevin Reese have of being with the big club next year? Honestly, since we are dealing with the Yankees probably not that good. He would probably be better off with another organization. But, stranger things have happened and maybe the Yankees will wise up and find a reserve role for him in the Bronx. One thing he will get though is a likely invite to Yankees Spring Training next season. He was with the team this year also but go only a measly 2 at bats. He should get a better opportunity than that in the spring of 2005. For those out there that want to know exactly why Reese put up these huge numbers, let's look into what kind of skills he brings to the table.


Whether it is with the Padres organization or the Yankees organization, Kevin Reese could always play a very fine outfield. In 2004, he displayed that as he made a combined four errors between his time in AA Trenton and AAA Columbus. Reese also has a a pretty strong arm which he has improved over his four years in the minors. And, I guess one would say that the above statistics speak for themselves about his hitting ability. The left hand hitting Reese is a complete hitter. He can hit for solid power, take the ball to all fields with authority and is good in clutch situations as well.


So, with all these skills and all these amazing statistics, why hasn't Kevin Reese gotten more recognition? Is it because he is 26 years old? That just doesn't seem like a valid enough reason to try and ignore anyone. Besides that, there is really no reason to ignore him. If anyone forgets, Reese came over in the trade that sent Rondell White to the San Diego Padres before the 2003 season. At the time, he was one of the more highly regarded Padres prospects. In fact, he was working out with the team when he was told of the trade. Who knows, the move may have actually hurt his chance at the big leagues. Don't think that minor leaguers like Kevin Reese and his roommate don't get frustrated because they certainly do. Thunder first baseman , Aaron Rifkin even publicly displayed his displeasure with the organization. More than likely, if Reese doesn't get his shot in 2005, he will file for free agency in the off season. There is no doubt that Reese could attract a lot of attention for teams looking for a solid outfielder.


Hard working, determined and some kind of down and dirty ballplayer. Those are just a few words to describe Kevin Reese. Maybe he isn't spoken of too much in the media world and the one we come to know but the world of advanced scouting sure knows about him. Even though he is a bit older than a normal top prospect, there is no way to overlook his performance here in 2004. Try and find a way to downplay it. The attempt will be unsuccessful. Even though Reese is rarely heard nor seen, he can really play the game.

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