Through an Ace's Eyes: Phil Hughes Online Journal

The Yankee's #1 pick in 2004, Phil Hughes is primed to become an elite pitching prospect and make his rise to becoming a big league ace of the future. Phil is keeping a journal throughout the 2005 season to keep the readers of informed on how he is progressing. 

Hi, this is Phil Hughes. Welcome to my online journal here at So, I just arrived here in Tampa for workouts on Thursday, February 3rd and the baseball bug is starting to hit everyone out here. Spring Training is just around the corner and the season is not too far away. I just wanted to thank everyone out there for following me and the rest of the guys throughout the minors. This year is going to be great, a lot of guys are going to have break out seasons and the Yankees Minor Leagues aren't going to be looked at like they have the last few years. 

So, yesterday was my first day of working out and it went really well. After everyone took their physicals we stretched and threw. I played catch with Mark Phillips and it looked like he had made great strides since I saw him last in August. During the summer he was lobbing it and it was all over the place. Yesterday, he was throwing hard and right at my chest. We all got a chance to throw off a mound and all the guys looked like they were in mid season form. Brett Smith, Jeff Marquez, Chris Garcia, Steven white, and Jesse Hoover just to name a few. Even though the temperature dipped under 50 it was still nice to be able to get back on the field and establish an early spring training routine.

Everyone seemed to do fine with their physicals and it was just nice to start playing ball again. It is also good to see all my teammates again from last season. I'm roomed with Jeff Marquez down here at the Holiday Inn and we're starting to see everyone coming in little by little. When I came in, I saw Estee Harris at the airport. So, we didn't practice Saturday, we get Saturdays and Sundays off. But, we'll get back to work on Monday. Right now, there isn't much going on, but as more of us get down here, it should be back to full time baseball soon enough.

I know some of the guys have been down here for a while like Chris Garcia. I'm hoping I can get in my best pitching form as quick as possible. Even though, we don't have workouts every day, like I said, I'll be doing my weight lifting workouts on a daily basis. I'm looking to have a great season and I don't want anything to slow me down. The Yankees had me on a throwing program during the off season and I believe I'm more than ready for this season. I'm hoping I get my shot in long season ball in Charleston this season but no matter where I believe I'll end up, I'm going to have the best spring training I can have. My ultimate goal is to get up to the big leagues as quick as possible. I'm going to change the fact that the Yankees haven't developed a homegrown pitcher since Andy Pettitte.

That's it for now. There's not much going on now because we're just getting started. I'll have more news for you next week. Things are going to get more and more interesting as the season approaches. I hope you all enjoy following my progress now and throughout the rest of the season.

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