Building Momentum: Phil Hughes Online Journal

The Yankee's #1 pick in 2004, Phil Hughes is primed to become an elite pitching prospect and make his rise to becoming a big league ace of the future. Phil is keeping a journal throughout the 2005 season to keep the readers of informed on how he is progressing. (Free Preview!)

Hey everyone. I'm back again for my fourth journal of the year. I hope everyone is doing well. This week went very well and I'm excited for spring training to start up. We started throwing breaking balls in our bullpen sessions so now everyone gets to work on all their pitches. Everyone still looks strong and healthy and as expected Christian Garcia's hook looks just as devastating as last year. We have some new arrivals in the complex this week and it is starting to get pretty crowded around the clubhouse and in the weight room. We got our first rainfall on Friday since I got here 3 weeks ago, but other than that the weather has been nice. My arm still feels really strong and healthy and I am very excited about this upcoming season. It should be a lot of fun. All of the other guys look strong as well. Steven White, Brett smith, Jeff Marquez and many others have looked very impressive on the mound.

My curveball is looking pretty good for my first week of throwing it. It is really snapping well and I feel comfortable throwing it to any location at this point. I'm very happy with it for my first week and I'm sure it will only get better as time goes on, moving towards the official start of spring training. I am throwing really, really well in all of my bullpen sessions so far and I just really hope I can keep this up, hopefully through the entire 2005 season. With my fastball popping the glove the way it should and my secondary stuff coming along very well, I couldn't feel any better right now. I just can't wait for things to get going with spring training and eventually the regular season. The sooner we get some game action, the better.

On an off the field note, I found out something really cool this week. It turns out that I have found my way onto a video game. It seems that I have been put on MVP Baseball 2005. I found out the other day that they have me under the name "Russell Cho", but it is definitely me. It has the same birth date and everything. So, that is really, really cool and it gives me more incentive to play the game. I have already found out what it would be like to pitch opening day against the Red Sox. But, it is really cool to find out you are good enough to become a video game character. So, I've been having a whole lot of fun with that over the past couple of days. I just made sure I changed my name to the right one. I also found out that Eric Duncan and Marcos Vechionacci are in the game under fake names too.

Now, for some of this week's questions. There weren't that many this week and a couple of repeats. One reader asks where I think I'll be starting off the 2005 season. I may have addressed it earlier but I believe it will probably be in low A Charleston. I hear it is a really great place to play with great people and a nice ballpark. So, if that's how it shakes out, I really look forward to it. Again, there really isn't much going on this week but March 5th marks the official beginning of spring training. Then, all the action should start pouring in every week.

Well, that's it for this week. I can't say it enough, I am so thrilled that I have so many great fans behind me and I plan to put together an outstanding season for you in 2005. Thanks again for the questions and please keep them coming. I am more than happy to answer them. Contact the site at and the questions will be answered in an upcoming journal. Thanks again to all my fans!

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