Bring On The Hitters: Phil Hughes Online Journal

The Yankee's #1 pick in 2004, Phil Hughes is primed to become an elite pitching prospect and make his rise to becoming a big league ace of the future. Phil is keeping a journal throughout the 2005 season to keep the readers of informed on how he is progressing.

Hello again to everyone out there. It is good to be writing to you all once again as we begin to get right into the thick of the action here in spring training. The last time I wrote, I spoke to you about the beginning of spring training. Well, now there is finally a little more to talk about like I promised there would be when I first started the journal in February. The good thing is that I am still feeling really good and we are getting closer by the minute to the regular season. My arm is feeling great and it is holding up to every task so far since I've been here. Anyway, since the last time I wrote, I've thrown a bullpen and, again, it went quite well. I'm just happy that I can keep up the type of consistency that I have had. But, after my last bullpen, then it was on to our next big step. This was what I was most excited about. I found out that, on Saturday, we would be throwing live batting practice to the hitters for the first time this spring.

When I heard we were going to be pitching batting practice to actual hitters on Saturday, I was really happy because I knew I was very sharp during my bullpen sessions. So, just seeing some hitters sure was a really welcome sight for us all. Even though we weren't throwing at game strength, it was still a lot of fun. I got to pitch to Estee Harris, Justin Christian, Tim Battle, and Irwil Rojas. I can say that I think I threw pretty well. I was happy with the way my curveball was working and I was really locating my fastball the way I would like to do. I broke Estee's bat when he came up to face me, also. Honestly, the only guy that really hit the ball well off of me was Justin Christian. He hit a real nice line drive up the middle. But, other than that, I pretty much accomplished what I wanted to do out there. What we did was, when the batter came up, we would give him the pitch and location.

That was a pretty big thing so far in spring training, but other than that, there isn't a lot going on right now around here. Right now, I have a bit of a cold but I am feeling a little better the past day or so. As far as a preparing myself and maintaining my health, I have been taking that into consideration as well. Getting closer and closer to the season, I have really been starting to eat a lot healthier. I just want to be as ready as possible for the season. I've also been icing my arm every day to try and avoid any types of aches and pains that I can. Other than that, there is not much else going on right now.

We have a couple email questions that I'll cover this week. The first one is a simple one. This reader noticed in my last journal that I mentioned my agent coming into town. He wants to know who I am represented by. To answer that, I am represented by Paragon Sports Management. Thanks for the question. The next question brings up the topic of the dimensions of the ballpark in Charleston. This reader wants to know if the smaller dimensions of this stadium will make me think or pitch any differently. I say to that, no, not at all. If I am pitching my game, I shouldn't have to worry about a small ballpark or anything like that. To me, that is just an excuse. I just don't worry about stuff like that. That's a good question though.

Well, that will do it for this week. I can't tell you enough how happy I am that I have so many great fans behind me and I plan on putting together an outstanding season for you in 2005. Thanks again for the great questions and please keep them coming. I am more than happy to answer them. Contact the site at and the questions will be answered in an upcoming journal. Thanks again to all my fans!

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