Turn 2 With "Mario Hol": Mario Holmann's Notebook

Mario Holmann is one of the Yankee's most exciting prospects in the farm system, contributing stolen bases, acrobatic plays, and a dose of energy at the top of the lineup. Mario is keeping a journal throughout 2005 to keep the readers of PinstripesPlus.com updated on his progress.

Hello to all my fans! Welcome to my first online journal of the 2005 season. I am so happy to have so many fans out there that are behind me and I hope you enjoy my updates throughout the 2005 season. I arrived in spring training here in Tampa on March 5 and I was really excited to be here and see what the upcoming season brings for me. But, I know that I will give it my best and that is what matters most.

Since the first day of spring training, I have been working hard to get better in every aspect of my game because that's what I want to do. I just want to get better and better every day, and the key to that is just working hard every day on the field. And, that's what I have been doing since I arrived here. And I already know what my objectives are for this spring training in order to head into the 2005 season ready to go. At the plate, I have to work on my swing angle and my balance. On defense, I mostly have to work on my pivots so I can turn every double play correctly.

The first practices were very easy because we didn't do much; we just took batting practice against the coaches, took groundballs, practiced bunts and did some sprints. So, as you can see it was very easy in the beginning, but then it got a little harder because we started to do more and more stuff. Almost every day this week, I have had early workouts on defense and offense, so I have been working out a lot these last couple of days.

Then we started to take batting practice against pitchers a few days ago, and the first day I didn't do very well because my timing was a little off. But, that didn't worry me because it was the first time I saw live pitching in a long time. Then, the next day we did it again and I hit much better and I felt very comfortable at the plate.

On Monday, we were hitting against pitchers again and my group didn't get to hit because it started to rain. But, we did hit in the batting cages against a pitching machine and I felt good, so every day that passes I am feeling better and better. So, I am very happy about that because I want to feel 100% comfortable at the plate before our spring training games begin. I am getting closer to that point everyday.

Tuesday, I didn't practice because during Monday's practice, I hurt my left wrist diving to catch a ground ball and it was a little swollen. But, don't worry about it. It is just a bone bruise and it's a little sore. But, I have been putting ice on it and the swelling and the pain are going away.

Wednesday, we didn't practice on the field because the fields were too wet from the rain. So, we just hit in the batting cages and I hit very well. I hit a lot of line drives and I was happy because my wrist didn't bother me to hit. Well, it was a little sore but nothing that I couldn't handle. Besides, the trainer told me that I'd be sore for a couple of days, so that looks like that is something normal. One great thing that happened that day is that the Yankees gave us our championship rings because last year we won the Gulf Coast League championship. And, they are very nice. They almost look like a big league ring, and hopefully it won't be the last that I am going to get during my professional career.

Today, our practice got rained out again and we just went to the batting cages to hit. Then, we went to the gym to lift weights and then I stayed in my hotel room the entire day playing X-box and using my computer. Pretty fun, right?

Saturday, weather permitting, we are going to start our spring training games against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays farm team. I am very excited about it and I'll keep you informed about how I do in those games. See you next week.

Well, that's it for now. It is good to know that I have so many fans behind me so I am happy to answer any questions you may have along the way. Contact the site at PinstripesPlus@aol.com and the questions will be answered in an upcoming journal. Thanks again to all my fans!

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