Turn 2 With "Mario Hol": Mario Holmann's Notebook

Mario Holmann is one of the Yankee's most exciting prospects in the farm system, contributing stolen bases, acrobatic plays, and a dose of energy at the top of the lineup. Mario is keeping a journal throughout 2005 to keep the readers of PinstripesPlus.com updated on his progress.

A lot of things have been going on this week for me here in Tampa. The best day of the week was last Friday when I went 4 for 5 with 2 singles, a double, HR, 4 RBI, 2 runs and a stolen base. Then, the rest of the week wasn't that good. Well, I got a base hit in one game and then another in another game. But, I haven't been hitting as well I usually do.
A reason for that is that on Monday, they changed the way I hit and hopefully it will give me good results. Because before they made the change, I was hitting too many fly balls and they don't want that. They want me to hit the ball on the ground so I can utilize my good speed. And, then I can beat out the throw and as a result of that, I get a base hit.

On Wednesday, they posted the rosters for every team and I was surprised when I saw my name on the extended spring training team. When I saw it, I could not believe it. And, I was very disappointed and sad because I wanted to go to Charleston with the rest of my teammates. But, then later on in the day, I came back to the hotel, I talked to my parents, brothers and relatives. And, they gave me a lift because I was down because of that news.

And on Thursday, I woke up I decided to give my best in every practice and game that I am going to have because that's the only way I will get better and get out of here as soon as possible. So, today when I was practicing with the extended team, one of the Yankees coordinators told me that he knew how I felt about staying here for extended, but its just temporary. As I told you, they change my batting stance and they want to see the results in a couple of games here. I am going to work very hard every day so I can start feeling comfortable at the plate with my new batting stance and hopefully I will be out of here very soon and that way I can join my teammates in Charleston or wherever they want to send me.

Now I am going to answer the questions of the week.

Fan#1: How do you describe your style of play?

Mario: I describe my style of play as aggressive. I always want to play hard and give my best in every game because people that go to see the games deserve to watch the best of every player and that's what I do. Then, after every game, people leave the field happy for the way I played on the field. And, also I like to put some fun in my style of play so I can enjoy the game.

Fan#2: How have you liked working with Andy Stankiewicz?

Mario: I really like working with him because he always has something new to tell me and it is always something interesting that is going to help me become a better second baseman. I am glad that I have a coach like him and I am going to take advantage of his knowledge to the fullest.

Fan#3: What is the best advice you have ever received?

Mario: Well, throughout my life I have received many great pieces of advice and it's a little difficult for me to decide which one has been the best. My family always tells me to give my best effort and try to be #1 in whatever I decide to do with my life. But, right now that advice applies to becoming #1 in baseball.

Well, that's it for now. It is good to know that I have so many fans behind me so I am happy to answer any questions you may have along the way. Contact the site at PinstripesPlus@aol.com and the questions will be answered in an upcoming journal. Thanks again to all my fans!

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