Injury Update: Q&A with Jesse Hoover

RHP Jesse Hoover, out since Spring Training with a back injury, gives us an update on his back in this exclusive Q&A session.

PinstripesPlus: Jesse, tell us exactly what is the extent of your injury.

Jesse Hoover: Well, I have a stress facture of the L4 vertebrate. I am taking it slowly right now and have not thrown since Spring Training. Our goal is to let it heal and do nothing physical. We just need to let it calm down a bit.

PinstripesPlus: What are you doing to rest the back, aside from doing nothing physical?

Hoover: I'm wearing a back brace to immobilize everything. I was wearing it several hours a day for a few weeks but I started wearing it 24 hours a day about a week ago. It goes from the bottom of my waist up to the bottom of my pecs. It took a little getting used to, especially sleeping in it.

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