Bill Masse Q&A - Part II

In the second part of the Q&A with Trenton Thunder manager Bill Masse, Masse talks about the organization as a whole and answers the critics. He talks about the role that Robinson Cano and Chien-Ming Wang are playing for the younger kids in the organization and how the Minor League Yankees are getting that winning feeling needs to play in the Bronx.

PinstripesPlus: It seems lately that the starters are only going a few innings before needing to be relieved. Does that worry you?

Bill Masse: Well the second two games of the series we had to pitch bullpen guys as starters. Like you saw last night (Sunday), our starter only went into the third inning before he had to get pulled. And it isn't these guys' faults; it's a matter of injuries and promotions. But like I said, it is an organization and you have to do what's best for the Yankees as a whole.
PinstripesPlus: So how do you feel that all these experts keep saying that the Yankees minor league system is on a downward spiral?

Bill Masse: There are going to be some big time players coming out of this system. People are starting to see that with Robinson Cano right now and also Chien-Ming Wang has come up and done real well. These are good guys and they just need their chances. Unfortunately, sometimes with the Yankees those kinds of chances don't come along that often.

PinstripesPlus: Now that Cano and Wang are playing well for the big league club, what kind of affect will that have on the organization?

Bill Masse: These kids (Cano and Wang) are finally getting their chances and they are doing well so it is opening the door for others. Now you got kids in the lower parts of the system that may not just be trade bait anymore, but may actually get their chance in New York. It gives them more confidence and lets them know that they can one day play in the Bronx.

PinstripesPlus: Do you feel that the younger guys in the system will ever get a true shot?

Bill Masse: The thing is that New York is an older team now. And there are going to be some guys in the next couple of years whose contracts are going to run out and it is going to be time for some of these young kids to step up. I only hope that they let these kids jump in there and get their shots.

PinstripesPlus: With the organization sporting a winning record so far this year, do you feel this is an indication of things to come for the Yankees?

Bill Masse: Yeah, it is good to see the teams doing well within the organization. There is a lot of talent down here and they are starting to get that winning attitude. You can see it in the younger guys also that they want to win. They not only want to get their promotions but they also want to win ballgames and that is one thing that you need to be a Yankee.

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