Yankees Land Closer, J. Brent Cox In 2nd Round

When the Yankees passed on Craig Hansen in the first round, some scratched their heads. But, in the 2nd round, 63rd overall, the Yankees picked up a closer just as elite, J. Brent Cox. Cox is the Texas Longhorns current closer.

They passed on Craig Hansen but the Yankees couldn't let another elite college closer pass them by as they selected Longhorn closer. J. Brent Cox. Last year with Texas, Cox was Huston Street's apprentice as the setup man. But, here in 2005, he became the new closer. And, he has stepped in to be just as dominating as his predecessor. A junior, Cox was also the closer for Team USA last year, which is yet another glowing mark on his resume. Not to mention, he performed brilliantly.

There's nothing like a good, old fashioned power closer. Out of the same mold of his mentor, Huston Street, some say he may even end up being even better. The 6' 4", 206 pound Texas native had a tremendous season in 2005 with the Longhorns and is still pitching in the Regional Championships. The big righty put up a dazzling 1.59 ERA with 15 saves. Not to mention, opposing college hitters only hit to a tune of .205 off of him. Make no mistake, the Yankees just picked up a world class, blue collar closer. He could figure into becoming their closer of the future.

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