Yanks Tap Rice pitcher, Lance Pendleton

Once again, the Yankees tapped into the college crop for their 4th round selection, 139th overall, picking righty pitcher, Lance Pendleton out of Rice University.

Here is a case in which a college senior is more about projectability rather than polish. Lance Pendleton was a little disappointing and was only in the bullpen this year for Rice. However, his stuff is very good, but his main concern is control and command. His potential is extremely high but he'll have to shake the tag of an underachiever. But, the Yankees liked his potential enough to take a chance. Despite underachieving, Pendleton still managed to go 5-3 with a 2.70 ERA in 30 innings of relief. However, most scouts believe that he has his highest ceiling as a starting pitcher. He might be a project considering his 15 walks in 30 innings, but the end result may be worth the pick. He has a good pitcher's body at 6' 3", 195 pounds.

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