Report: Austin Jackson To Sign With Yankees

According to sources close to, star basketball recruit and the Yankees' 8th round draft pick in Tuesday's draft, Austin Jackson, has agreed to a deal in principle on a contract with the Yankees and all that is needed to complete the transaction is the signed contract and requisite physical.

No one thought it would be possible, but Austin Jackson is almost fitted for Yankee blue. The Yankees have been on his trail for many years now, and even after they drafted him, doubts swirled about his apparent lack of signability. But, now, only days after the draft, Jackson appears to be in the bag. Our sources say that his signing is now only a formality.

The certainty of this signing was never, by any means, a sure thing. In fact, when we spoke with Austin on Wednesday, he was still totally unsure of his fate. "Wow, that's tough," the teenage outfielder replied when asked if he thought he'd sign with the Yankees. "I really don't know. The baseball option is right here in front of me for the taking so it will be tough to turn down. If me and my family can get what we feel is best, the best option will hopefully be baseball. But, really, it is still up in the air right now." But, on Thursday, the Jackson family reportedly came to the decision for him to play baseball in the Yankee organization, after hearing the Yankees' proposal. The contract will be reportedly be made official after Jackson takes his physical, which is speculated to be on Friday.

Jackson, who is possibly a basketball star that may have been for Georgia Tech, now looks to be about to turn down a full scholarship to play point guard at the prestigious university. But, the Yankees and Jackson suspect that this already gifted player will only be better now that he can focus on one sport. "If I played just baseball, there's no way to tell how good I could be," said Jackson in his recent interview with Now, it appears that full focus on baseball will become not just a thought, but a reality. We will continue to cover this story, so stay tuned for the official announcement of the signing, which appears to be coming soon. Then, terms of the deal and details from Jackson himself, will be revealed.

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