Yankees' 2005 Draft Review

The draft has come and gone, but not before the Yankees were able to make some valuable additions to their improving farm system. Now, let's take a look at all the Yankees' 2005 draft selections, including this year's draft-and-follows to watch out for before next year's draft.

1st Round - SS, C.J. Henry: Known as one of the best athletes in the draft, the Yankees may have landed a five tool player with the 17th overall pick. He'll start his career as the shortstop for the Gulf Coast Yankees. His signing will be announced in the coming days and he's expected to receive slot money.

2nd Round - RHP, J. Brent Cox: One of the top closers in the country, this battled tested Texas Longhorn should fly through the Yankee system and be a big part of the Yankee bullpen in the near future. The righthander will start off with Staten Island once the College World Series is over.

3rd Round - CF, Brett Gardner: Entering the draft, this speedster didn't have a lot of hype but the Yankees believe he has the makings of a dynamic leadoff hitting centerfielder. The College of Charleston senior will likely start off in Staten Island. He is officially under contract.

4th Round - RHP, Lance Pendleton: This Rice University standout also drew a lot of attention as a hitter, but the Yankees came for his arm. The tall righthander has a live fastball and a good hook, but the Yankees aren't certain whether his future is as a starter or a reliever. Expect to see him in Staten Island.

5th Round - LHP, Zach Kroenke: The Yankees picked up another battle tested college groomed pitcher when they picked up Nebraska's southpaw ace. With their 5th round pick, the Yankees snagged one of the better college lefties in the draft. He'll likely begin his career in Staten Island.

6th Round - RHP, Doug Fister: A 6' 8" righthander, the Yankees loved the projectability this Fresno State hurler could bring to their system. However, after offering him just over $100,000, Fister rejected the bonus and appears to be unsignable.

7th Round - LHP, Garrett Patterson: Here is the next in the long line of college pitchers that the Yankees drafted this year. Patterson, a lefthander, brings an aggressive approach to the hill. He is also signed and will begin his career in Staten Island, in all likelihood.

8th Round - CF, Austin Jackson: Perhaps the biggest bombshell of the draft, Jackson shocked everyone when he chose signing with the Yankees over playing basketball at Georgia Tech. He is the equivalent of a 1st round pick and he has five tool potential. Look for him in center field for the Gulf Coast Yankees.

CORNER OUTFIELDER?: James Cooper hit .342 for Loyala Marymount but questions have been asked about his power as a corner outfielder, hitting just 2 home runs this past season. (Photo: Loyola Marymount)
9th Round - LF, James Cooper: The second college hitter selected by the Yankees, Cooper has some interesting tools that prompted the Yankees to take him in the 9th round. Cooper will most likely be manning one of the corner outfield positions in Staten Island. He's also officially under contract.

10th Round - 3B, Kyle Anson: A switch-hitting third baseman, Kyle Anson brings so many things to the table as a player. The Texas State standout is a switch hitter who can also catch and may be able to succeed in the outfield as well. He's signed and will likely be the opening day third baseman for Staten Island.

11th Round - RHP, Alan Horne: Horne is perhaps the most intriguing of all the Yankee pitching draftees. A former 1st round pick out of high school, Horne has battled back from arm problems to lead the Florida Gators' staff. He has frontline stuff but he's still fairly raw. He's expected to sign once the College World Series is over. Expect to see him in Staten Island.

12th Round - C, Joe Muich: One of the better college catchers in the country for Wichita State, the Yankees feel they got a nice bargain on Muich in the 12th round. He has some pop in his bat, but he is also a very good receiver behind the plate. He is under contract and will start in Staten Island.

13th Round - 1B, Karl Amonite: Amonite is a 6' 5" lefty swinging first baseman from Auburn. He is possibly the best power hitter the Yankees selected this year. He's expected to sign quickly and play first base for Staten Island.

14th Round - CF, Joel Perez: The Yankees took a shot on this Cuban defector but there is little information known about him at this point. He is reportedly 23 years old and plays outfield. He is officially under contract but it remains to be seen where he will start his professional career.

15th Round - RHP, Joshua Schmidt: Some have compared the type of pitcher Joshua Schmidt is to the style of Jesse Hoover. Schmidt is a pure reliever and he was among the nation's leaders in strikeouts per nine innings, with over 13. He is also officially signed and expected to pitch in Staten Island.

16th Round - 2B, Chris Malec: Besides the fact that Malec is a scrappy ballplayer at the second base position, he also has a makeup that is through the roof. He is in the latter stages of beating cancer and is a true down and dirty player. The UC Santa Barbara graduate has signed and is expected to play in Staten Island.

17th Round - RHP, Keaton Everett: The Yankees continued their trend of picking college pitchers, taking righty pitcher, Keaton Everett, in the 17th round. This University of Washington standout is expected to begin his career with Staten Island.

18th Round - C, Joe Burke: The second college catcher the Yankees selected, Burke is absolutely fantastic at handling a pitching staff. Anything he adds on offense is a bonus. He'll likely be a part of a catching platoon in Staten Island. He has officially signed.

19th Round - RHP, Jim Conroy: Another right handed pitcher selected by the Yankees, Conroy has already signed up with the Yankees. Look for him to pitch for Staten Island.

20th Round - LHP, Bryan Rueger: A lefthander out of Southern Illinois University, the Yankees showed that they were going to keep pushing for college pitchers. Rueger, whom the Yankees like very much, should start off in Staten Island.

21st Round - C, Hanseld Diaz: A catcher out of Miami-Dade Community College, Diaz may not sign this year. In fact, he is another player who may profile more as a draft and follow candidate.

22nd Round - RHP, Michael Lee: As one of the top rated high school pitchers entering the draft, Lee doesn't possess the big time velocity yet, but there is a lot of projectability in his lanky frame. However, he doesn't appear to be an easy sign.

23rd Round - C, Matt Wallach: The son of former big league star, Tim Wallach, this backstop out of Cypress JUCO may also be a good draft and follow type of player.

24th Round - 1B, Justin Phillabaum: A first baseman from Indian River Community College, the Yankees will follow his progress closely and they may consider signing him before next year's draft.

25th Round - C, Brad Canada: He had the desire to sign so the Yankees signed him despite his later round selection. He is another college catcher out of Bradley University, so it remains to be seen where he fits with two other college catchers already on board.

26th Round - LHP, Patrick Caldwell: A Yankee draftee from last year who underachieved in 2005. Therefore, the Yankees will give this lefty draft and follow candidate another shot.

27th Round - RHP, Joshua Morgan: Another right handed pitcher out of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Morgan is a righty the Yankees are very high on. But, his signability is still in question.

28th Round - RHP, Derek Duclos: A very solid righthander, the only thing in question about Duclos are his recent arm injuries. That may have some impact on whether the Yankees sign him or not.

SCRAPPY INFIELDER: Justin Turner hit .324 for Cal-State Fullerton with 17 doubles and 11 stolen bases. (AP Photo: Francis Specker)
29th Round - 2B, Justin Turner: Out of the same mold as Craig Biggio, Turner is a pesky little hitter who looks like he could battle his way up to be a big league second baseman. He is expected to sign.

30th Round - LF, Cameron Johnson: Johnson is a draft and follow candidate out of the Community College of Southern Nevada. He is an outfielder with interesting tools.

31st Round - LHP, Clint Preisendorfer: The Yankees certainly like to draft Preisendorfer, as they picked him for the third straight year. He may, once again, go unsigned but he may also be a draft and follow signee.

32nd Round - LHP, Jared Souza: Here is a guy who makes for an excellent draft and follow candidate for the Yankees. Out of Navarro JUCO, this lefty redshirted his first season with Navarro but the Yankees will monitor him closely in 2006.

33rd Round - RHP, Michael Mlotkowski: The Yankees certainly took enough right handed college pitchers in this draft. And, this Oklahoma City University star recently signed with the Yankees. Look for him in Staten Island as well.

34th Round - 1B, Felipe Garcia: This Cal State Fullerton first baseman has some interesting tools as a hitter. After the Titans were bounced in the Super Regionals, Garcia signed a deal with the Yankees. He's expected to start off in Staten Island.

35th Round - RHP, Andrew Carter: A right handed pitcher out of Davidson college, the Yankees have already locked him up, signing him to a pro contract. He will likely pitch out of the Staten Island bullpen.

36th Round - RHP, Brett Summers: Entering the draft, Summers was one of the top rated righty high school pitching prospects. He'll be a tough sign but he has not ruled out the possibility. The Yankees will follow him through summer ball and a decision will be made then.

37th Round - LHP, Jesse Bahr: Bahr is an intriguing lefty pitcher out of Missouri Baptist College. The Yankees like his projectability and got him signed, despite being a late round pick. He'll likely pitch in Staten Island when the season begins.

38th Round - LHP, Clayton Young: Another junior college pitcher, Young is a lefty pitcher the Yankees will watch very closely. He may be an ideal draft and follow selection.

39th Round - RHP, Miguel Ruiz: A projectable righty pitcher out of South Hills High School in Texas, Ruiz doesn't appear to be a good candidate to sign a pro contract just yet. He is going to JUCO and the Yankees are very high on his live 92 MPH fastball.

40th Round - 1B, Michael Roskopf: Out of the Community College of Southern Nevada, this first baseman is a draft and follow candidate. If he performs well next spring, the Yankees may take a shot at signing him.

41st Round - CF, Chris Valencia: Valencia has a lot of tools to offer from an outfield position but he appears to be just about unsignable.

42nd Round - RHP, Josh Styes: A high school pick this late in the draft usually means that he is unsignable until at least next year if he goes to junior college.

43rd Round - RHP, Brady Salter: Here's another right handed pitcher who appears to be a very tough sign. Salter will more than likely return to Aurora University rather than sign with the Yankees.

44th Round - RHP, Justin Keadle: Out of Wake Forest University, Keadle is coming off arm surgery and will spend next season as a fifth year senior, most likely rehabbing. So, they may be able to sign the righty at that point. But, he won't be signing this year.

45th Round - 1B, Brett Pill: A strong hitting first baseman from Cal State Fullerton, Pill also appears to be a tough sign. He has the makings of a very good Major League hitter but it will take a little extra on the part of the Yankees to sign him.

46th Round - RHP, Eric Wordekemper: A highly touted college righthanded pitcher from Creighton University, Wordekemper appears to be a very tough sign. He's projectable, but didn't pitch quite up to his skills enough to be an early round pick.

47th Round - LF, Eric Hanlon: A high school outfielder from Arlington, Texas, Hanlon is a high upside outfielder who has tools the Yankees are very high on. However, being picked this late does not bode well for his signability.

UNSIGNABLE?: The signing of Diallo Fon would make the Yankees 2005 Draft a huge upgrade, but Fon is seeking first round money. (AP Photo: Francis Specker)
48th Round - RF, Andrew Rice: Out of Itawamba Community College, Rice is yet another draft and follow candidate. The Yankees will follow the outfielder's progress until next year's draft.

49th Round, CF Diallo Fon: One of the most talented players in the nation, Fon would have been an absolute steal if the Yankees were able to sign him. However, the high school outfielder is firmly committed to Vanderbilt and is unsignable.

50th Round, C, Blake Heym: Here is the player that takes home the title of the last player selected in the entire draft. If he signs, it will be an uphill battle for the catcher, but the word is that his signing is unlikely.

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