Team Preview 2005: Quarterback

Welcome to the Team Preview 2005. Throughout the next few weeks we will be reviewing each position on the team and giving you our projected depth chart. With this installment we take a look at the quarterback battle and how it's shaping up.

1) Cody Hodges

Considering Coach Leach's affinity for fifth-year Seniors, Cody Hodges will be the likely starter next year. His obvious strengths are his mobility and intelligence, but he has many of the intangibles that separate a great quarterback from a good one. His fundamentals are solid, his arm strength is above average, and he has an uncanny ability to make the correct decisions under pressure. Although his height at 6'0" is relatively small for a quarterback, it appears that it will help him more in escaping the defense than it will hurt him in the passing game. As for toughness, he proved capable of taking many tough hits throughout the spring practices. In addition to all of this, he is a born leader who will play his heart out every snap. It is difficult to pinpoint any weaknesses in his game, and he could very well lead the Red Raiders to their best season in years.

2) Graham Harrell

Graham Harrell has the potential to be one of the finest quarterbacks in Tech history, but he will probably have to wait for next year to get his chance. The Freshman mistakes that he made during the Spring would have been less apparent had they not been contrasted with Hodges' brilliant play. He needs to make quicker reads, use more of the field, and work on not telegraphing his passes. Fortunately, he showed drastic improvement in all of these areas throughout the Spring. He could maybe use a bit of time in the weight room, as he might need a bit more toughness against the defensive lineman of the Big 12. On the positive side, his fade pass is already a sight to behold. Also, he appears to be a very quick learner. As a coach's son, he grew up with the game and knows the fundamentals as good as anyone. Harrell is more of a pocket passer than Hodges, and with his accuracy, will easily lead the nation in passing when he gets his chance to play.

3) Ryan Rowland

Ryan Rowland is a guy who many Texas Tech fans probably didn't consider to be a quality quarterback before the Spring. He has done more than enough to earn the #3 spot on the depth chart. Anyone who has any doubts about him needs only to watch the Red/Black game to change their mind. He has consistently shown maturity beyond his years and the heart of a champion. If he continues to play with this intensity, there's no telling how far he will go. As a quarterback, he is more like Hodges in that he finds a way to get things done as opposed to going by the book. He is not truly exceptional at any aspect of the game, but he minimizes his mistakes and moves the ball well. It is his energy and potential that puts him above Daugherty on the depth chart and gives him a fighting chance of seeing the field.

4) Phillip Daugherty

Phillip Daugherty has everything a coach could want in a quarterback, he has just yet to put it all together and become a complete quarterback. He has the largest size and strongest arm of all the quarterbacks, but he seems to have more trouble going through his reads then the other QB's ahead of him. Sometimes his decision making could be questioned as well, but hopefully with some additional time in the system he will be able to pick up these important attributes and compete for the starting job next year. The talent is there, he just needs to get comfortable and play the way everyone knows he can.

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