Draft Tracker: Q&A with Chris Parmelee

The draft is now less than two weeks away and one player that expects to hear his name called in the first round this year is Chris Parmelee. A California native, the lefty swinging first baseman brings a sweet swing and advanced hitting approach to the table. Possibly targeted by the Yankees, we recently sat down with him for a Q&A session.

Scout.com: First of all, how do you feel about your high school season thus far? Has it gone according to plan in your mind?

Chris Parmelee: My senior season has been a lot of fun, but I do wish that I would have been pitched to more often. I ended with 35 base on balls.

Scout.com: There has probably been an abundance of scouts watching you each time you've played. How have you handled that and how has it affected you?

Parmelee: At first, I was nervous about it and I felt that I was pressing. But, the more games that went by, the more I learned to relax and just do what I do.

Scout.com: The big debate with you is how much power you project to have at the pro level and it appears your power has developed significantly. Is power a part of your game that you have worked on or has it developed somewhat naturally?

Parmelee: I feel my power has just come naturally, really. I never really try to hit the ball far, it just happens. My parents say I have always been strong even when I was very young.

Scout.com: With the draft coming up fast, what type of expectations do you have? Is there a range in which you expect to be selected?

Parmelee: I am really just excited to be considered a pick for the 2006 June draft. We'll see what happens.

Scout.com: What do you plan to do on draft day? Many players listen to it online while others just wait for a call. What are your plans for the big day?

Parmelee: I will probably listen online with my family and maybe a few friends.

Scout.com: Do you know of any teams that have shown interest in you?

Parmelee: I've been contacted and have met with quite a few teams. Last fall, I was fortunate enough to play on the Angels Elite team.

Scout.com: As of now, do you have any plans for pre-draft workouts or showcases? If so, what do you feel is the key component of your game that you'd like scouts to see?

Parmelee: I do have some team workouts on my calendar. The key component at those workouts is going to be my swing.

Scout.com: What do you feel are the keys to your success at the plate and on defense? Is there an aspect of your game that you feel has propelled you to where you are today?

Parmelee: I feel that my success at the plate is due to my practice and hard work. I feel that my knowledge of the strike zone and my plate discipline have helped me get to where I'm at today.

Scout.com: What MLB player would you compare yourself to in terms of how you play the game?

Parmelee: I like to compare myself to Wally Joyner.

Scout.com: If you had one wish for draft day in June, what would you hope for?

Parmelee: I just would hope that I get drafted to a great team and that I get my career started as soon as possible.

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