Yankees Snag Dellin Betances In 8th Round

After all the speculation, the Yankees selected hometown high school star, Brooklyn native, Dellin Betances. The 6'8" righty is oozing with projection and already possesses a power fastball. It may take big money to sign him, but he may still end up being one of the best steals of the draft.

It was a pick the Yankees fans have been clamoring for for months, and everyone now got their wish. Many speculated he'd be picked in the first round, but the Yankees are happy to land him nonetheless. A combination of tremendous size, potentially electric stuff, and projectability to spare, the Yankees are almost certain to sign him as soon as possible.

Betances didn't quite get the exposure he needed in order to be a first rounder this spring, causing this drop. Not to mention, scouts questioned his command and inconsistent velocity. However, with a pitcher of this size and high ceiling, he is a risk worth taking for the Yankees.

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