Trade Scorecard: Part One

The Phillies have added some young players through deals with the Yankees and Brewers. So, just how are the Phillies doing on the trade front? Without a crystal ball to see how these young players will produce down the road, it's hard to tell.

TRADE: Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle to the New York Yankees for C.J. Henry, Jesus Sanchez, Matt Smith and Carlos Monasterios.

Immediate impact: The Phillies now have a spot in the rotation for Randy Wolf, who came off the DL after 13 months. While he certainly wasn't dominating on Sunday, the Phillies were pleased with how he threw and there is reason to believe that he will eventually return to being at least the level of pitcher that he was before the injury. The Phillies can now put him in the rotation for the final two months and see what happens. With Abreu's exit, the Phillies lose a big bat, but there are ways to help fill the void. David Dellucci could still be traded, but he could also become the target of the Phillies as they search for a long-term replacement for Abreu in right field. Shane Victorino is also waiting in the wings and could see some playing time. It's interesting that the Phillies added Michael Bourn from AAA after the deal. It's possible that they might have a trade in the works for Dellucci and would let Bourn and Victorino battle in right field for the rest of the season.

Short-term impact: Money, money, money, money - money! There is now some more of that "financial flexibility" that GM Pat Gillick always talks about. The Phillies don't have to eat any of Abreu's contract, so they've immediately got some money to spend for next season. With plenty of options - Dellucci, Victorino, Bourn - to fill the right field spot, they should be able to find a suitable replacement there.

Long-term impact: Internet message boards are filled with folks asking why the Phillies didn't simply insist on one of the Yankees' top prospects in the deal for Abreu. Well, they did get their fourth best prospect in C.J. Henry, a guy who could eventually take over at shortstop. Henry has a nice combination of speed and power and should find his way to the majors as an everyday shortstop. He could certainly become the heir to the Phillies' shortstop position. Matt Smith is a left-handed reliever with some potential, although the Phillies don't seem to need any lefties right now, the truth is that Rhodes and Cormier have contracts that are up at the end of the season and both could still be dealt before the day is over. Sanchez joins the ranks of a pretty thick catching contingent in the minors, although a couple of those prospects have stumbled a little this summer. Monasterios is a young pitcher, who may or may not figure into the plans for the rotation down the road, but figures to at least have a shot at cracking a major league rotation at some point.

TRADE: David Bell to the Milwaukee Brewers for Wilfredo Laureano.

Immediate impact: There's now an opportunity for Abraham Nunez to play every day. Odds are that he'll be more valuable to the Phillies in that role than he was coming off the bench, so much like with Abreu, the Phillies already have Bell's replacement on hand. The Phillies can also get a look at Danny Sandoval to see if he can become a utility player at the major league level and help to fill a bench role for next season.

Short-term impact: Since Bell was a free agent at the end of the season, there's not much financial savings for the club. The real impact is that Nunez moves into the starting role.

Long-term impact:  Laureano (3-2-1, 4.10) was doing a decent job in the Low Class-A South Atlantic League as a member of the Brewers' system. He'll stay in the SAL and pitch for Lakewood. The Phillies weren't going to re-sign Bell and they weren't going to offer him arbitration meaning that they would have gotten absolutely nothing in return for him at the end of the season. Laureano probably isn't going to set the world on fire, but even if he becomes a decent major league middle innings reliever, it's better than what the Phillies would have had upon Bell's exit.

TRADE: Sal Fasano to the New York Yankees for Hector Made.

Immediate impact: Chris Coste gets to be the official back-up catcher, getting a vote of confidence from the Phillies and the hope that he could stick with the club again next season.

Short-term impact: Not much. Fasano wasn't likely to be back next season, but at least the Phillies will have the opportunity to see what Coste can do and help determine if they need one or two catchers for next season.

Long-term impact: Made is a 21 year old second baseman, who the Phillies now have at Class-A Clearwater. He's put up decent minor league numbers and was on a tear when the Phillies acquired him. Much like the David Bell trade, since the Phillies were going to wish a fond farewell to Fasano at the end of the season, anything that Made can do for the club is a plus.


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