Cape Cod Q&A: Warren McFadden

Every summer, the best college players in the country gather to play in the Cape Cod League to showcase themselves to dozens of big leagues scouts. One of those players is Warren McFadden, an outfielder who has become one of the league's best power hitters. We recently caught up with Warren for a Q&A session. First of all, Warren, the power you've shown in this league has been quite impressive. You only hit one home run this spring at Tulane, however. What do you attribute this new found power to?

Warren McFadden: Well, you know, I've been working on my hitting since I left school this spring. I've tried to make a few adjustments to try and get the power back that I had in high school. I've worked out a few kinks here and there, and it sure feels like its been working out. I'm real happy with it. Back at Tulane, you played at a rather expansive triple-A stadium. Do you think that had anything to do with your lack of home runs?

McFadden: I don't know, really. I try not to make excuses, but yeah, it's a bigger ballpark. I really hit a lot of line drives this year. I just wasn't really hitting them high enough to get them out of that park. So, I ended up with a lot of doubles and not a bunch of a home runs. Its still a great place to play. Going from wood bats to aluminum bats is obviously a significant change. What do you feel is the most difficult part about using the wood bats?

McFadden: Actually, I love hitting with wood bats. I mean, I feel like it helps you swing more than with aluminum. It really forces you to have a great technique to hit the ball. Otherwise, you're going to be breaking a lot of bats. So, I haven't really found it that tough. It is a good way to learn to swing the right way. What do you feel is your strongest attribute as a player?

McFadden: That's a pretty hard one. Actually, the scouts probably know more about that than I do. I just feel like I'm a really aggressive hitter at the plate. I love to swing the bat and use my power. I feel like I can do a lot of damage with the bat. Every player is always looking to improve their game no matter how much success they have. What improvements are you looking to make heading into next season?

McFadden: My biggest improvement will probably be with my defense. I've got to work on my all around defense in the outfield. I've been working hard on that. I think I'm pretty solid out there right now, but I still have a lot of work to do. How would you describe your approach at the plate?

McFadden: I really just try to come up with my own approach, you know. I just stay aggressive and see the ball and hit the ball. It's a pretty simple plan for me when I'm up there. I try not to make things too complicated when I'm hitting. Now that you've had so much success using the wood bats, how much easier do you think it is going to be when you are back at college using aluminum?

McFadden: If I can go back to school and take what I've learned here in the Cape back there with me, I should have a really successful year using the aluminum again. The Cape Cod League is known to polish players that already had great talent. How do you feel this league has helped you as a whole?

McFadden: Well, this is my second year up here. Seeing the competition and the pitchers that are up here, it forces you to compete. It forces you to be a great player and perform at a high level. It's just a whole lot of fun to play up here too. Its a great experience.

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